This Chemical-free and Reef-safe Sunscreen Has a Perfect Safety Score — and It's on Amazon

It may be the only type of sunscreen available in certain places around the world soon.

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Love Sun Body’s 100% Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lead
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You've probably heard the news: The chemicals used in sunscreen can seep into your bloodstream, according to a recent study released by the Food and Drug Administration. The main four chemicals used in a majority of sunscreens — avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule — were found in the bloodstreams of 24 participants observed in the study after one day of use.

While this definitely doesn't mean you should stop wearing sunscreen, you may want to consider switching to more natural sunscreens (that are free of those particular chemicals) while the FDA continues to do more research. Aside from potentially being harmful to our bodies, these chemicals are also damaging to coral reefs and sea life. In fact, Key West, Florida, and Hawaii have already started the movement to completely ban sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate (another questionable chemical that has been found to contribute to bleaching of coral reefs) beginning in 2021. Other Caribbean and Pacific islands are following suit, and it's anticipated that other locations around the globe will also consider the ban soon. Fortunately, there are sunscreens out there that are completely chemical-free and reef-safe, like Love Sun Body's 100% Natural Mineral Sunscreen.

Love Sun Body’s 100% Natural Mineral Sunscreen
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Love Sun Body is actually the first natural sunscreen brand in the United States to be certified by Ecocert, an organization that inspects and certifies natural and organic cosmetics, and has also been given a perfect scored by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Its main ingredient is non-nano zinc oxide, which is not harmful to the environment, won't enter your bloodstream, and still offers strong UV protection. Plus, the sunscreen includes other safe ingredients that are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and nourishing — like vitamin E and almond oil.

While the sunscreen doesn't have tons of Amazon reviews just yet, all of its current ones are so positive that it has a stellar 4.7-star rating. Shoppers rave that it's lightweight, smells nice, and is a great sunscreen for the entire family."I love this sunscreen. I was so happy I finally found a sunscreen that isn't full of chemicals. I took it on a family vacation down the shore and used it on the whole family AND it works — no sunburns for us! It was easy to apply to the kids," one customer wrote. "It soaks right in and doesn't make them look like little ghosts. It even survived a day at the waterpark. I even use it under my makeup — I found that I can just use the sunscreen without a moisturizer. My skin is so soft, probably from the natural oils and vitamin E. Even my hands that are normally very dry are so smooth and soft just after a week of using it. I highly recommend this product!"

Love Sun Body has three-ounce and six-ounce sizes of its SPF 30 sunscreen (, $32) available. Plus, there's a fragrance-free option available (, $32) alongside its naturally vanilla scented version. While the price point may be a little higher than what you'd usually spend on sunscreen, it's definitely worth it for the peace of mind that the sunscreen you're putting on your body isn't harming you — or the environment.

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