Flights Make My Hair Greasy — This Is the One Product That Instantly Fixes It

After a few spritzes, my strands look freshly washed.

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Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo
Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof

Although I can't prophesize how much turbulence will leave me clutching the armrests during my flight, I can always predict with 100 percent accuracy that my hair will be greasy once I arrive at my destination. Upon touching down, without fail, my hair always looks as if I haven't showered for days (which is ironic, because my skin always dries up). After years of testing different dry shampoos, I've managed to finally find a formula that returns my hair to its former blow-dried glory.

Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is the hair-saving product I've been dreaming of, especially since it actually cleanses your hair. And with 2,200+ five-star reviews, it's clear I'm not alone in my love for it. "My hair looks cleaner and fuller with the dry shampoo in than it does when it is freshly washed and clean," wrote one fan.

Now, it's obviously not just airplanes that cause me to have oilier strands (though they certainly seem to worsen it). I have super fine hair that can already start to look greasy by the end of some wash days, hence why dry shampoo is one of my best friends.

Being a beauty writer, I've had the privilege of trying a wide range of brands and formulas, but I'd always stood by one particular drugstore label for years — partly for the low price and partly because it got the job done. This was until Living Proof's dry shampoo waltzed into my life.

Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo
Courtesy of Living Proof

To buy:, $14

The dry shampoo I used to use, and assumed was a good one, soon fell by the wayside. My new favorite comes in a 1.8-ounce bottle that's cut out for travel, which makes it so easy to find space for among my other toiletries. Its fragrance is clean and luxe (not overtly floral or chemically), which is refreshing after a long-haul flight. I also appreciate that the formula really makes it look like I've just showered rather than acting as an obvious disguise for the strands that need a rinse. Outside of travel, Living Proof's dry shampoo has finally allowed me to stretch what was once mere hours into full days before needing to shampoo again.

I head to the bathroom for a refreshing spritz as soon as I deplane. After some heavy-duty bottle shaking, you can spray sections of your hair and give the shampoo around 30 seconds to work its cleaning magic. Then you can use your fingers or a brush to comb the product through and watch any trace of residue dissipate. In roughly two minutes, I walk out with my hair feeling (and looking) like it did before the journey got to it.

While Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day is a bit more expensive than what many of us are used to paying for dry shampoo, the hype and cost make complete sense once compared to our usual drugstore options. "I stepped away from [Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo] for not even a week trying to find a cheaper product, but no such luck," wrote one shopper. "The price isn't terrible [and] the results are like no other."

If greasy hair is a fact of life for you, you won't regret popping one of Living Proof's mini dry shampoos in your carry-on. And once you've fallen as hard for this dry shampoo, as I have, you can secure yourself a few regular or jumbo-sized bottles for everyday life, too.

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