You may be stuck at home, but you'll look good while you're there.


Now is the perfect time for some self care.

As people are staying home to combat the spread of the coronavirus, they’re also looking for new things to do to keep themselves entertained at home or even to pick up a new skill.

While Netflix, cooking classes, and virtual museums are all great ways to spend your day, you can also use this downtime to learn how to take care of your skin and do your makeup like a real K-Beauty expert. Who doesn’t love a good facial and makeup session?

Airbnb now has a ton of online experiences to choose from for people who want to explore the world and learn new things while under self-quarantine — including how to use K-Beauty products and get “camera ready” from a TV host in South Korea.

Cyoung Park performs K Beauty routine on TV Host
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

Cyoung Park, a broadcaster and makeup artist based in Seoul, has her own online experience on Airbnb where she’ll show you how to do simple and natural looks using your own products. So, you don’t have to go buy a ton of K-Beauty products to do this experience. The 90-minute class also covers the steps of Korean skincare, as well as skincare based on the season and your skin type.

“During the makeup session, I will give you overall consultations on products and tools as well as how to mix the colors to make “my-face-but-better” while doing point makeup,” Park writes on the course description on Airbnb. Park’s class is also far more social than just following YouTube beauty tutorials, since she encourages all who attend to ask questions and socialize with other attendees. It’s the perfect way to meet other beauty addicts around the world.

“Don’t be too sad when you have to wash that makeup off for bed. I will take a screenshot photo of you to remember your best look forever,” Park wrote on the course description.

The course itself is $15 per person and is designed for groups of up to four people. Visit the course page on Airbnb to register or check out other online experiences on Airbnb. For more information about Cyoung Park, visit her Instagram page.