This Is Jennifer Aniston's Secret to Perfect Hair After a Long Flight (Video)

The bob, the beehive, the Farrah Fawcett waves, the faux-hawk, the pixie cut, and the Rachel. When Jennifer Aniston's character on the beloved Friends first sported her glossy, layered look in 1997, the hair trend to end all hair trends was born.

It takes two brilliant hair stylists to create one iconic look, and Michael Canale, Aniston's longtime hair colorist, was one of them. He, along with Chris McMillan, gave Aniston those streaky highlights in what would become the iconic cut during the first season of the show. And though Aniston was famously not a fan of the look, it sent thousands of women running to the salon during commercial breaks to recreate it.

But Aniston knew she had found something special with the talented Canale and she has continued to work with him ever since. He most recently created her custom gloss color for her Apple TV+ series with Reese Witherspoon, The Morning Show, and on the June/July cover of Harper's Bazaar. Canale's other A-list clients include Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, and Shakira.

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His corrective color method talents were so coveted that in 2017 he started his own line of products, Canalé, to help the rest of us try to achieve those enviable Hollywood locks. His products focus on extending the conditioning of hair between colors and preventing damage. So what does he tell Aniston and the rest of these starlets to do with their hair when traveling? Canale revealed some top travel hair secrets to Travel + Leisure.

Travel + Leisure: Which hair products should you bring along when you travel?

Michael Canale: "Canalé has a travel site with conditioner and shampoo, but also just find smaller bottles of things you use and just fill them. It's just carrying smaller units of your regular products when you do travel. Also staying out of the sun is important.

But the best thing to do when you travel is to carry a dry shampoo with you. It really gets you through after you've been playing all day and you need to look good for dinner or maybe you've been at the beach.

We just made an oil that is coming out that will be part of the solvent-plus conditioner. Say after a day at the beach you want a hot oil treatment or you want to calm down your hair at the beach. And then we just made these new glosses (it's Jennifer Aniston's new color.) It's highlights only with the blue gloss. So it is a blue gloss we use for her and that actually has a sunblock in it and it lasts up to 20 shampoos! That is probably the best travel product we have going now. That and the oils."

Is there anything you should do on the flight specifically for the upkeep of your hair? Especially a long flight?

"Your hair dries out so much on a flight, so get a good moisturizer. Your hair becomes static because of the dryness on the plane itself so a good blowout before the trip can help because it isn't going to get heavier. Just run some oils through your hair to keep it hydrated on the plane."

What does Jennifer Aniston do to maintain her hair when she travels?

"I made that gloss for her 22 years ago. It lasts up to 20 shampoos and there is really nothing like that on the market right now. Plus she likes the vitamins we make. I made those especially for her also like 24 years ago to make her hair healthy and adjustable. It's a vegan vitamin that supports healthy hair. What does she do on the trip? She takes care of her hair. She'll actually do an oil treatment.

We recently made a baby blond gloss and a blue gloss for her. And we did one for when people are over bleached and it adds a little blond to your hair and those are great for travel. Each bottle has four applications in it."

When you were working on the Rachel, did you think it was going to be as big as it was?

"We never thought that. It was the first signature hair streaks and we weren't doing them on anybody at that point so she got the first ones. We always try to bring out the best qualities of the hair cutter. Chris [MacMillan] and I have been working together for 25 years."

Canale's products include Cleanse shampoo ([tempo-ecommerce src="" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">, $39), 100% vegan Replenish hair vitamin (, $39), and Replenish Boost with Spirulina (, $20). He also just launched Replenish Boost to help extend the time between water washes and extend the color.

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