This Is The Only Razor I Travel With — Here's Why

This compact razor is always stocked in my toiletry bag.

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Much like the perfect carry-on bag or the most comfortable pair of walking shoes, finding the best razor to travel with can be downright difficult. Typically, your only choices are to pack an affordable disposable option (that doesn't provide the smoothest shave and can easily nick your skin) or run the risk of ruining your expensive at-home razor by throwing it in your suitcase and getting it confiscated by airport security — or worse, leaving it behind in your hotel room. After years of traveling with said options — and never being fully satisfied with either — I was incredibly excited when I finally found the ultimate travel razor.

Enter: the Gillette Venus Snap Razor. I came across it at my local drugstore while stocking up on toiletries for an upcoming trip last summer. I'd used the regular-sized razor in the past and loved it, so I was instantly intrigued by this new compact version — especially when I saw that it came with a handy traveling case. Just like the original size, the mini razor features five blades that help achieve an ultra-close shave and ribbons of moisture that leave skin feeling super smooth. In fact, when I put the compact razor to the test, it felt so smooth that I realized packing shaving cream was unnecessary.

What's more, the small handle has a convenient rubber grip, so it never slipped or slid out of my hand while in the shower. I particularly love it because it offers the same smooth shave as my regular at-home razor, but the compact size and carrying case make it incredibly easy to pack. I'm not the only one who is a fan — the adorable razor has over 1,500 reviews and an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

"Such a good buy," said one customer. "I travel about once a month and consider this one of my travel necessities. It is so nice to have a travel razor that uses the same blades as my normal razor. The little case is perfect for keeping it covered and sanitary (it has holes it in to keep moisture out). Only wish I would have bought sooner!"

Gillette Venus Razor
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To buy:, $8

"This small travel razor is the best thing you can buy if you are a woman who travels a lot! I was so pleased that it was just as easy and comfy to use as my regular-size razor, and it even comes in a cute, transparent, hard plastic case! Very versatile, so compact, just as good as a full-size razor! I am so happy they made this in this size," said another shopper.

The best part? This handy travel essential is incredibly affordable, too — both the razor and traveling case can be yours for less than $8. While the mini razor handle can attach and work with any type of Gillette Venus blades, I learned the hard way that if you want the razor to fit inside the carrying case, you should always restock with the Gillette Venus Embrace blades (, $16 for four) because they're smaller in size. All in all, this razor has quickly become one of my must-have travel essentials and once was an easily overlooked item that now has a permanent place in my suitcase.

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