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You’ve got the silk pillowcase and you stashed your phone in your bedside table 30 minutes before bed, but if you’re really trying to establish a transformative nighttime beauty routine, you’ll need to get your hands on a revitalizing and repairing serum. Not only do serums penetrate the skin deeper, but they’re often super-packed with concentrated ingredients that address your problems rapidly and head on. And if you’re in the market, you’ll probably want to know about the little brown bottle of serum from Estée Lauder that’s a massive hit around the world.

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So much of a hit, by the way, that nine bottles of the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex (, from $65) sells every minute. But that's nearly not the only impressive stat on its side. It's the brand's top repair serum and in one year alone, 4.5 million bottles were sold globally. Top that off with the fact that it's revolutionary formula is patented until 2021, and the brand reports it was the first "repair" product to ever hit the market.

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The word “repair” is key for a few reasons. First, that's exactly what your skin does when you finally fall asleep at night, going into overdrive to reverse and mend any damage your complexion came into contact with and renew itself. This oil-free and fragrance-free product seeks to be the sidekick to that beautiful process, maximizing its potential using what they call ChronoluxCB technology.

First and foremost, it's an anti-aging product. Over time, the gel-like serum works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, while creating a hydrated, evenly toned canvas. 

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Google it and you'll find that most of the reviews are pretty damn impressive. We found the product to be fast-absorbing, light, hydrating, and helpful in evening out skin tone.

Has it been a minute yet? Maybe now's your chance to give it a go. 

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