These Disposable Mini Toothbrushes Will Change the Way You Travel, Especially on Red-eye Flights

They changed my life.

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Though I'm a frequent flier, I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a long time to identify my "must-have" travel items. A simple suitcase, a bag, and a jacket — that's all I took with me on flights. It also didn't matter if the flight was two hours long or seven hours long, a red-eye or a midday affair. Of course, this resulted in some miserable flying experiences, all because I just didn't take the time to figure out what would make traveling easier for me.

Then, last year, I arrived at the airport for a red-eye flight to Paris with a major headache. I didn't pack any painkillers (again, unprepared me), so my first stop post-security was a store that would have some. I was waiting to pay when I saw the Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrushes — the person in front of me had grabbed a package of them from the checkout kiosk.

I had never seen them before, but my only toothbrush was in my suitcase, and I was in for a long flight before I reached Paris. Surely, my breath would be terrible by the time I got there (and the copious amounts of coffee I planned on drinking upon arrival weren't going to help it). So I grabbed a package too.

It was during that flight that I discovered the beauty of the Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrushes. They can be used anywhere, without water or a sink — all you need is the toothbrush and your mouth, and you're good to go. (That said, I would still recommend going to the bathroom to use it, because you will still look like you're brushing your teeth, and it's just polite.)

To use, simply pop the toothbrush in your mouth, and press it against one of your teeth to break the seal on the prepasted toothpaste. I recommend doing this with your back molars, but it doesn't fully make a difference if you do it with another tooth — have fun with it, you know?

Once you break the seal, you'll be able to brush with it like a normal toothbrush. Since there's no water, the toothpaste won't get as frothy as you're used to, but your mouth will still take on that minty, just-brushed feeling.

Amazon Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $4 (originally $8)

Once you're done with the toothbrush, just toss it. (Even better: The toothbrushes are able to be safely upcycled through the Terracycle recycling program.) These things are single use, making them even more perfect for plane travel — you don't have to figure out where to store them once you're finished.

I used to go on full red-eye flights without brushing my teeth, but once I actually started using this product, I realized what I difference it makes. To land at your destination feeling like you've just used a real toothbrush wakes you up and readies you for whatever you have ahead of you.

I've traveled by plane a lot since that life-changing flight to Paris — often on red-eyes — and not once have I left these Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrushes at home. Each time, I've truly found them to be the most convenient and refreshing travel accessory you can take with you on a plane, probably next to straight up water.

And, as a bonus, I now always land after flights with nice breath, as opposed to 'I've just spent seven hours on a plane without brushing my teeth' breath.

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