This Brand-new Christian Dior Fragrance Was Inspired by the Designer's Favorite Dessert

Have your cake and eat it too.

Personally, the only thing I love more than perfume (and people asking me what scent I'm wearing) might be dessert. It seems Dior perfumer-creator François Demachy feels the same way, because Christian Dior's latest fragrance was created as an homage to the fashion icon's favorite dessert.

A bottle of Vanilla Diorama with Diorama cake
Courtesy of Zachary Handley for Parfums Christian Dior

The new La Collection Privée fragrance, Christian Dior Vanilla Diorama, is a seductive, warm, vanilla-forward fragrance with notes of citrus and cocoa — and it was created in the image of a mysterious dessert loved by the one-and-only Christian Dior.

The Diorama cake
Courtesy of Zachary Handley for Parfums Christian Dior

While the recipe and physical appearance of the cake continues to remain unknown, we do know that it delicately and deliciously combines vanilla, orange, and chocolate, making Vanilla Diorama fragrance a perfect reflection of this secretive dessert. Not only did Dior's love of this dessert inspire Demachy in the creation of this fragrance, but the fashion house even approached French Michelin-starred chef, pâtissier Julien Dugourd, to help recreate this cake. Chef Dugourd has, exclusively for the fragrance launch, brought the "Diorama" cake back to life.

A bottle of Vanilla Diorama with vanilla beans
Courtesy of Zachary Handley for Parfums Christian Dior

The toasted golden amber tones of the fragrance reflect the precious and rare Madagascar vanilla that lives at the heart of François Demachy's newest creation. The same mystery that surrounds Dior's cake, comes out in every spritz of Vanilla Diorama. With base notes of that opulent vanilla and patchouli, middle notes of rum and cacao, and top notes of fresh citrus, the longer you wear it, the more layers and secrets are uncovered. This is the perfect scent to take us into fall, warming the wearer, and all who get to experience it, from the outside in. C'est magnifique!

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