This Anti-aging Serum 'Works Magic' on Unwanted Wrinkles in Just 4 Days

Thanks to the Indian brand’s Ayurvedic wisdom.

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Blue Nectar Anti Aging Face Serum
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

The pandemic has meant countless shifts in our favorite habits, especially for people who are used to hopping on a plane whenever possible. With travel at a near-standstill for two, almost three years, virtual exploring is some of the best we can do — and if you're looking for something more concrete than peeking at a different country on Google Maps, Amazon provides. Specifically, Blue Nectar's Anti-Aging Kumkumadi Face Serum, an Indian find that uses Ayurvedic ingredients to take on wrinkles and dark spots.

"The serum hits all the marks. Unbelievably lightweight, yet deeply hydrating," wrote a 53-year-old of the formula, which draws on Kashmiri saffron to lighten pigmentation, Indian madder root and turmeric to brighten, sandalwood and almond oil to soften wrinkles, and nagkesar and Indian sarsaparilla for their Ayurvedic qualities. As another enthusiast commented, "It reduces the appearance of dark spots and visible lines, especially my frown lines around my brow area."

They're not the only ones impressed — within three weeks of using the serum, a 48-year-old witnessed their skin change. "When I wake up it's smoother, and I honestly think [the serum] has helped with fine wrinkles." Another reviewer seconded the "unbelievable" effects: "There's definitely a glow, no blemishes or dark patches, skin is soft like a baby's, [with] reduced pores and dead skin."

Blue Nectar Anti Aging Face Serum
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $22,

They continued, "My mom is going to be 50, and her skin looked like it was struggling — so many wrinkles and unwanted fine lines. But four days of application, [and this serum] worked its magic on her. We both are amazed." Those results are likely thanks to the serum's ample antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties from additions like lodhra, vetiver, licorice, Indian bay leaves, padmaka, and kustha, along with a host of other Ayurvedic herbs.

Per reviewers, the combination makes for a potent, delightful-smelling skin ritual. "I think heaven must smell like [this]. It has a beautiful scent that effectively transports me to another realm every time I put it on," a penultimate fan wrote. "The oil is light and absorbs easily. My skin looks and feels better after only a few days of use…My skin feels smoother, somehow brighter, and it doesn't clog my pores. I think I will continue to purchase this for life."

If a trip to India isn't in the cards anytime soon, it sounds like this $22 face oil is the next best thing to exploring a vibrant spice bazaar. Try it for yourself via Amazon.

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