According to Shoppers, This 'Amazing' Serum Makes Wrinkles Recede Within 2 Days

"This has reduced my neck lines tremendously…I love the line reduction around my upper lip, too."

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Photo: Courtesy of Biossance

Picture this: There are two roads to a destination. One is bumpy and scattered with potholes; the other is freshly paved and an easy drive. It's a simple choice, yeah? In the anti-aging skincare world, the more perilous path to younger-looking skin is retinol, and the smoother is bakuchiol, which is featured in products like Biossance's Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum.

Retinol and bakuchiol aren't identical, but as board-certified dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm previously explained to InStyle, both work to erase wrinkles. "Bakuchiol does not chemically resemble retinols and retinoids, but it is shown through lab studies, genetic expression, and clinical application to the skin to induce many of the same anti-aging changes as the vitamin A derivatives we as dermatologists have loved for decades."

The clincher is that where retinol can trigger dry skin, irritation, flaking, and discomfort, bakuchiol is a more gentle retinol alternative that typically comes with minimal side effects. That's why it's earned the name "phyto-retinol," and when paired with brightening niacinamide and moisturizing squalane, à la Biossance's serum, the result is an effective anti-aging formula that's better for sensitive skin. And Biossance shoppers haven't held back on heaping praise.

Courtesy of Biossance

To buy:, $72

"This has reduced my neck lines tremendously," wrote one user. "I love the line reduction around my upper lip, too." Another customer emphasized that, while gentle, the "amazing" serum undeniably reduced the look of their wrinkles within a month (even after just using it a few times a week).

Others saw even faster results with consistent use, including one 55-year-old fan who wrote: "After only two nights of the Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum, I did a double take when I looked for the tiny lines above my upper lip. They were already much more smoothed out." Within a similar few-day stretch, one more reviewer said they noticed their dark spots fade, texture soften, lines disappear, and skin elasticity increase. The effects of the serum are so profound, a 70-year-old shopper called them "startling."

As a last enthusiast wrote, "I love the results of retinol, but rarely use it in my skincare routine because of the added sun sensitivity. I was excited to see this product existed, but was curious if it actually works." Spoiler alert: "It does! I noticed increased firmness after the first use. I have been using [it] for about eight months; I have no more fine lines around my temples, expression lines on my forehead are significantly reduced, and my skin is more youthful overall."

Sounds like it's officially time to retire the saying, "no pain, no gain." Try Biossance's retinol replacement for $72.

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