It's the ultimate personal fragrance.

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Credit: Courtesy of Glossier

At a restaurant last week, a server came up to me and said, “We’ve got to know — what scent are you wearing?” I smiled, and replied, “Glossier You. It’s the best perfume I’ve ever worn.”

And it’s true. Glossier calls it “the ultimate personal fragrance.” I call it the ultimate travel fragrance. Subtle nuance and a symphony of aromatic notes give you the best perfume to have in your carry-on.

I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over the best scent to wear when traveling. If it’s too strong, it will put off your in-flight neighbors. If it wears off too easily, what’s the point? If the bottle is too big or clunky with edges and weight, it doesn't pack well.

Glossier You, with the glorious scent and sleek container, is perfection, bottled. The company was founded on a trendy beauty blog and gained traction with a skincare and makeup line that weds simplicity with individuality. They are using simple products to create a look that is unique and real. And now, they’ve transcended the norm of top-notch perfumes with a vital first ingredient: you.

The perfume smells different on each wearer, allowing the base notes (ambrette, ambrox, and musk), and the top notes (iris root and pink pepper) to melt in with your true scent, so every time you wear it, it feels like your own little secret.

And while the perfume doesn’t overpower, it will stick around all day — through the airport, train station, subway, long car rides — wherever you go, it will stay on you the whole time.

Plus, it’s convenient to pack. The small, rounded bottle is light (just like the scent) and slips easily into beauty bags and inside pockets. At 1.7 fluid ounces, it’s TSA-approved. Voila.

You can find a bottle at for $60.