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This is the best travel hair dryer you can buy — and it costs less than $30.

Ellie Nan Storck
April 24, 2018
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I’m one of those people who relies on one, and only one, tool for hair styling: a hair dryer that delivers. As someone with very fine, stick-straight hair, if I have any hopes of creating lasting volume, I must blow-dry my hair, and said blow dryer must pack some serious power. I’m talking flip my head upside down, round brush all up in there, lots of teasing at the roots. You get the picture.

When I travel, I'm wary of using the hotel dryers — here’s why you should be, too — but I am also not willing to sacrifice my dreams of voluminous locks just because I’m on the road.

That’s where Sephora’s Mini Blast Travel Ionic Blow Dryer comes in. At 5.5 by 3 by 3 inches, this little guy has been a lifesaver for me. Whether I’m just spending a weekend away or heading to the airport for a six-hour transatlantic flight, I will always bring this dual-voltage dryer with me. It packs up super small — small enough to fit in a carry-on — and it’s light enough to not weigh down your suitcase. And it’s surprisingly powerful for the size.


If you’re not sold yet, it comes with two attachments: one is a concentrator nozzle that streamlines the hot air (I find that it keeps my hair weighty but straight), and the other is a de-frizzing diffuser. The blow dryer also features a soft-touch rubberized finish, so it’s just as nice to look at as it is to use.

What this all adds up to? The absolute best blow dryer to travel with. In fact, it actually now occupies some prime real estate in my bedroom closet — I’ve started using it every day, even when I’m at home. At $26, it’s a pretty good deal for frizz-free, touchable volume.

Sephora Collection Mini Blast Travel Ionic Blow Dryer

Courtesy of Sephora

To buy:, $26

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