Say goodbye to your out-dated grooming routine.

By Adeline Duff
Updated July 31, 2017
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For a lot of men, venturing into the expansive beauty and grooming arenas can be overwhelming. To help get novices started, we’ve rounded up the most effective and essential products on the market. And while the creams, colognes, and even razors on this list are all TSA-approved (a major plus for frequent travelers) you can also consider the carry-on-sized goods a great way to try new products and discover what you like before committing to that big, six-ounce purchase.

We’ve highlighted 25 of our favorite men's products, all of which promise to keep your skin, body, and hair looking (and feeling) fresh—wherever in the world you may be.

Courtesy of LL Bean


There’s a reason why this toiletry pack became an instant classic: its hinged design and built-in hook makes it easy to hang anywhere, and its compartments lets you store products of all shapes and sizes. It also comes with a removable mirror and shower caddy, and is water resistant.

$29.95; buy it here

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Coming in right at a TSA-approved 3.4 ounces, this multitasking, foaming cream wash does it all. With only one product, you can cleanse, exfoliate, and condition your skin.

$24; buy it here

Courtesy of Art of Shaving


The Art of Shaving’s newly launched Power Brush—which, when paired with the face wash of your choice, provides a deep cleansing experience—is battery operated, water resistant, and compact. Best of all, it can reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs (though the exfoliating massage is definitely a perk).

$40; buy it here

Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club


If packing a battery-operated cleansing brush sounds a little too high maintenance, opt for Dr. Carver’s new Prep Scrub, which exfoliates skin and frees ingrown hairs to provide a smoother, cleaner shave.

$9; buy it here

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This classic three-blade razor has top ratings due to its moisture-infused Lubastrip, which provides a gentle (but super-close) shave. It's great for people with sensitive skin.

$7.99; buy it here

Courtesy of Tom Ford


Give your grooming routine an upgrade with Tom Ford’s new, lightweight shave oil, which moisturizes, conditions, and calms skin to provide a close and soothing shave.

$60; buy it here

Courtesy of Baxter of California


If a shave brush seems unnecessary, you may want to reconsider: shave brushes provide a better lather than your hands alone (a good lather should feel creamy, not foamy), which ultimately helps reduce razor bumps and burning.

$55; buy it here

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You can’t go wrong with this classic shave cream, which has an ultra-moisturizing formula that promises to cut down on razor burn, nicks, and other irritations. It’s also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

$13; buy it here

Courtesy of Birchbox


Travel back in time with this old-school aftershave. It's non-greasy yet moisturizing, and it has a refreshing menthol scent.

$22; buy it here

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We love this gentle, carry-on-friendly serum from Malin + Goetz, which can be substituted as a moisturizer for extra-oily skin due to its lightweight, non-clogging formula.

$70; buy it here

Courtesy of Kiehls


This multitasker is a true must-pack; moisturizing before, during, and after flying is essential. We especially love that this Kiehl's cream contains SPF and is specifically formulated for men’s skin.

$35; buy it here

Courtesy of Clinique


Whatever your skin type, Clinique’s classic men’s eye cream remains a best seller simply because of how well it performs. Lines and dark circles are said to diminish after only a few days of use, but our favorite way to use it is as an eye mask—just apply an ample amount before take-off, and let it sink in.

$30; buy it here

Courtesy of MAC


Applying a clear gel on unruly brows is a discreet way to look more polished and alert. Slip this super small tube right into your pocket or carry-on kit. It also tames lashes, sideburns, and facial hair.

$17; buy it here

Courtesy of The Body Shop


This vegan deodorant is formulated with a variety of natural oils, meaning it glides on smoothly and leaves skin feeling fresh.

$6; buy it here

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Trim unwanted and unruly hairs with this easy-to-pack, battery operated trimmer.

$14.99; buy it here

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This unique cream formula turns to powder upon application to the skin. Weighing in at only three ounces, it’s super travel-friendly, and helps prevent chafing and other skin irritations caused by running and sweating (whether you're on an adventurous trek or just trying to catch your flight).

$20; buy it here

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This battery-operated facial hair trimmer (it works on sideburns and necks, too) comes with an adjustable three-position comb attachment, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil. Because it's so compact, it can be kept in your carry-on (or briefcase) at all times.

$17; buy it here

Courtesy of Birchbox


Lip balm is essential in pretty much every climate—and especially on planes. You can’t go wrong with this pocket-sized tube from v76 by Vaughn, which is rich in moisturizing ingredients like shea, jojoba, and coconut oil.

$9; buy it here

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Every seasoned traveler knows eye drops are a must-pack; in our opinion, Rohto makes the best on the market, thanks to an intense cooling and brightening effect.

$4.99; buy it here

Courtesy of Ulta


Keep this bad boy in your weekend bag and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your dental essentials again. This kit includes a travel-sized toothbrush, whitening toothpaste, and floss, all which come in a refreshing citrus scent.

$14; buy it here

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This compact brush, which is suited for combing, styling, and (of course) de-snarling all hair types, was designed with the traveling man in mind: it has a clip-on cover, which protects the teeth, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

$17; buy it here

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Wipes are any road warrior's best friend. While many women prefer cleansing variations that remove makeup, these “power shower” wipes can be used to freshen up your entire body. We recommend keeping one pack in your gym bag and another in your carry-on, so no matter how far from a shower you are, you can always arrive to your destination (relatively) refreshed.

$7.48; buy it here

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Most people would probably agree that shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion are travel essentials. Aesop’s Jet Set Kit has got you covered with 1.7-ounce bottles of each.

$37; buy it here

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We asked around, and according to our frequent-flyer friends, this Shu Uemera hair pomade is the best travel-sized sculpting paste on the market.

$47.60; buy it here

Courtesy of Penhaligon's


Each set of this travel-friendly box includes 10 best-selling fragrances for men and women (though the majority are neutral) in 1.5-ounce trials. Try wearing different scents in each city or country you visit.

$25.22; buy it here