Welcome to our new series, Travel Beauty Hacks, where each week we dish on the latest trends, the best advice and the most travel friendly products in beauty and wellness right now. Whether you’re island hopping in Southeast Asia, backpacking through Europe or preparing for a long haul flight, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to ensure you look (and feel) your best.

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There’s a reason why most people feel the need to wash their face before bed. Who wants to wake up with a trail of yesterday's makeup running down their face? We all know traveling often comes with a steady stream of delayed flights and unexpectedly long train rides, which naturally means there will be a lot of napping along the way. If you wouldn’t go to bed with a full face on, there's nothing saying you have to do so while in transit. Your skin deserves a break, too—which is why this week, we’re dishing on how to go au naturel while still looking upgrade-appropriate.

Forget the Foundation

Don’t even think about putting on foundation before boarding a flight—seriously, just don’t. Your skin doesn’t need the extra stress, and frankly it’s not necessary. Instead, opt for a priming moisturizer to give yourself a healthy glow, and reapply as often as you feel is necessary. If you’re really someone who feels uncomfortable without any coverage, bring along a stick of concealer for post-flight touch ups.

Bring your Best Multitaskers

Whether you have a hotel to check into or a conference to attend, you’re probably going to need a bit of freshening up. Since you don’t want to wreak havoc on your already fragile skin, stick to the two essentials: illuminator, like this one from RMS Beauty—which you can put on your cheekbones, eyelids, cupids bow and under your eyebrows, for a luminous, dewy look. Then, break out a creamy lip and cheek duo—Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge is our favorite, and fulfills your primary goals: to achieve the illusion of fuller lips and rosy cheeks.

Embrace Bare Lashes

Having any makeup—especially mascara—on your eyes when traveling will probably do three very pesky things: irritate your eyes, run down your face, and get all over your favorite sleep mask. Use travel time to detox from all forms of toxins, including your six-month-old mascara that goes rock hard after a few hours. Pack a travel-sized mascara—like Benefit’s Roller Lash, or W3LL PEOPLE’s all natural, clump resistant formula—in your carry-on, to apply once you’ve disembarked.

Clean Hair is Key

Try and wash your hair as close to your flight (or train, or bus) as possible. That way, even with two days of travel ahead, your hair will stay clean and grease-free. For those of you with oily hair, packing a travel-sized dry shampoo is a must. Living Proof is our go-to, as they make one of the only formulas around that actually cleans. Pull your hair into a bun and throw on your favorite sunglasses for an off-duty look that's instantly chic.

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