beauty product cartoon
Credit: Hannah K. Lee

Skin-care companies are taking a locavore approach, producing goods with a strong sense of place.

Just as chefs are increasingly careful about knowing where their food comes from, beauty brands are thinking more about what goes into their products—and even growing their own ingredients. Bottega Organica produces its own olive oil, sage, and roses on farms in Liguria, Italy, and Columbia County, New York, and Manila-based VMV Hypoallergenics harvests organic virgin coconut oil for its skin-care and makeup lines on a family-run estate. Julisis combines liquid precious metals with medicinal plants grown in a 120-year-old biodynamic garden near the Italian Alps. Cult favorite Tata Harper raises flowers and herbs for an extensive range of skin care and cosmetics on its property in Vermont. For Guerlain, the unique honey produced by black bees in Brittany, France, led to the anti-aging Abeille Royale collection as well as a partnership with the local bee conservancy. Sustainable beauty, indeed.

Katie James is an Editorial Assistant at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @kjames259.