The Art of Shaving's Master Barbers Are Giving Tips for Facial Grooming and At-home Haircuts (Video)

Listen up, boys. It's probably time to visit this "virtual barber shop."

While we're all stuck at home, it's safe to say that some guys might be a little lax when it comes to personal grooming habits. And who can blame them? After all, we're taking Zoom calls in our sweats and binging Netflix for days on end, so does the status of our beards really matter right now?

The Art of Shaving thinks yes, so it's turned its social media channels into "virtual barber shops" to help men around the world look their best while in quarantine.

"While we're currently limited in where we can go, there's no limit to what we can do as a community," Falguni Desai, The Art of Shaving CEO, said in a statement. "We turned our Instagram channel into a 'virtual barber shop' destination with the goal of helping our community members navigate a small part of this new, uncharted territory."

With the brand's master barbers and popular personalities on social media, The Art of Shaving is helping men learn the basics of grooming, including tips on shaving, at-home haircuts, and fundamental maintenance that's often performed outside the home.

Art of Shaving Razor
Courtesy of The Art of Shaving

Some of the lessons on IGTV include "How to Clean Up Your Beard and Neck Using Trimmers, "How to Groom Your Beard at Home With a Straight Razor," "How to Clean Your Brush," "How to Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers," "How to Upkeep Your Beard," and even "How to Give Yourself a Fade." Though the last one may seem like a big risk, the team is dedicated to making sure you get it done right.

And if you're wondering about my own grooming habits, I've kept to my regular routine of shaving with the Gillette Heated Razor, which brings a barber shop-worthy experience into your home.

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