Balenciaga Just Debuted a New Travel Pillow — and It Retails for $650

A simple black hoodie never looked so chic.

Balenciaga is having a real moment in the pop culture spotlight. Not only did reality TV queen Kim Kardashian make a major splash while wearing the luxury brand to this year's Met Gala, but the fashion house also had a much talked about Paris Fashion Week show thanks to none other than Homer Simpson making his (animated) runway debut. And now, Balenciaga is on everyone's mind once again with a brand-new, $650 travel pillow.

the Balenciaga Travel Pillow
Courtesy of Balenciaga

As HypeBeast reported, Balenciaga released the new travel pillow as part of its "object" line, which already includes some rather over-the-top iPhone cases, water bottles, sneaker packing cubes, and even grocery store tote bags that go for $325 a piece.

While the grocery store bags may not be a necessity for travelers, this new Balenciaga pillow is a jetsetter's dream.

The pillow, made out of 100% cotton and finished with a medium fleece, comes with a hood and drawstrings for ultimate privacy and sensory deprivation while flying. The pillow also comes with snap closures and is dry clean only. And, as Hypebeast noted, the pillow is devoid of any outward branding, which means only the in-the-know shoppers will be able to identify the soon-to-be-iconic accessory as a Balenciaga piece.

the Balenciaga Travel Pillow on white
Courtesy of Balenciaga

The simple yet beautiful "object" isn't the first time Balenciaga has tapped into the travel pillow space. The brand dropped another travel pillow, which came without the hood but did come covered in luxurious silk and the brand name emblazoned across. It retailed for $550 and sold out everywhere (though, if you're lucky, you may find a collectible kicking around eBay). Moral of the story? If you're lusting after this version, and are a high-fashion collector, we suggest clicking over and adding it to your online shopping cart right now. Then, you'll really be ready for first-class living.

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