When it's time to rejuvenate, this Dutch city is high in luxe possibilities.

Koan Float Amsterdam Detox
Credit: Trey Guinn/Flickr

It’s an easy place to overindulge, but the good news is that Amsterdam has plenty of options for getting healthy to help you recover. Here are a few of our favorites.

Aveda Dayspa Amsterdam

It's slightly off the beaten track (take tram 16 or 24 to the Olympic Stadium), but this sleek and modern spa offers age-old reinvigorating treatments. Particularly recommended after the party season is the Ayurvedic Detox, a thorough 2 hour and 15 minute “cleansing ritual” that begins with a scrub, proceeds to deep steaming and massage, and ends with the mysterious Shirodhara, where your technician pours warm oil over your forehead to wake the pituitary gland. Alternatively, a Stress-Fix Massage will take away any aches and pains with its combination of Swedish deep-tissue technique, reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy.

Koan Float

In the heart of Amsterdam, Koan Float’s special tanks allow to you to relax weightlessly on the surface of body-temperature water steeped in Epsom salts. You choose the lighting, music, air circulation, intercom, and whether to open or close the tank lid. Studies show floating stimulates the immune system, relaxes the body, and concentrates the mind—just what you need to get the New Year off to a positive start.

Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria

This spa offers the full luxury experience at one of Amsterdam’s most exclusive hotels—so it’s the perfect option if you haven’t quite done with the self-indulgence. Half- or full-day packages welcome you with a glass of Champagne (it is medicinal, after all) and grant you access to the indoor pool, sauna, and steam bath. Opt for the deluxe Orchidée Impériale Prestige Treatment to revive tired skin.

Sauna Deco

A local favorite, this unisex sauna located on the stately Herengracht boasts a beautiful Art Deco interior. Two Finnish sauna cabins, a steam bath, and an infra-red sauna help you sweat the toxins away in serene surroundings, and you can also nab beauty treatments, a massage, and a healthy snack in the café.

Lighthouse Works Detox Weekend

For a more intensive detox, Lighthouse Works offers a weekend program in a luxury hotel a short drive from the city. You can sign up for a two-day juice fast or a “mild fast,” administered with guidance. There are two yoga classes daily, a guided walk every afternoon, a large swimming pool, and a fitness room, too.

Jane Szita is on the Netherlands beat for Travel + Leisure. She lives in Amsterdam.