The world's biggest airline is getting a style upgrade.

By Christopher Tkaczyk
September 19, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of American Airlines

Starting Tuesday morning, the 70,000 workers at the world's largest commercial air carrier will begin wearing new uniforms.

The new uniforms will be the first time that all of the carrier’s employees will have a unifying look. After the merger with U.S. Airways, American’s pilots, flight attendants, and ticket and gate agents all sported various looks inherited from two very different carriers. The new color palette uses slate gray, cobalt, and white, combining colors from both brands.

Brady Byrnes, the company’s American director of global marketing, told USA Today: “It really shows us as one brand. And that was really the only thing that was still kind of lagging behind for customers—being able to see that come together. It’s a huge milestone for us."

Credit: Courtesy of American Airlines

U.S. Airways last updated its uniforms more than a decade ago and American hadn’t had a makeover since the 1980s. “There have been some new ties and scarves, but we’ve pretty much been in the same clothing on the legacy AA side for greater than 25 years,” Byrnes said.

Credit: Courtesy of American Airlines

The airline says it relied on employee feedback to help with the design process, which was overseen by corporate apparel company Twin Hill. The airline also partnered with Cole Haan to create a line of accessories, including custom-designed handbags to accommodate the tablets its service crews use in flight.

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