Singular Spa, Chile
Credit: © Digital Art/Corbis

The new Singular Santiago hotel in Chile offers a spa experience that lives up to its singular claim. A menu of seven distinct rituals targets the energy centers of the body in order to stimulate physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Each ritual focuses on a specific chakra using a combination of hydrotherapy, chromo therapy, aromatherapy, musical therapy, massage and blended tea infusions.

Spa Director Gabriela Vallejos created a concept that unites ancient oriental and divine elements with modern technology to create sensorial treatments that transcend the physical realm and move deeper into a person’s emotional psyche. The ritual begins with a consultation that explores the spa guest’s medical background and present emotional state. This information assists the therapist to recommend a ritual based on the energy center that requires the most rebalancing.

Each treatment begins with a 20-minute hydrotherapy foam bath scented with the likes of sandalwood, citrus fruit or hayflower depending on the ritual. Being in contact with water initiates one’s sense of expansion and allows the body’s pores to breathe. The heat and aromas help relax the muscles and deliberate breathing lowers anxiety and calms the mind.

Moving from the bath to the treatment table, spa guests are greeted with glowing colored light and musical vibrations designed to activate and strengthen their weakened chakra. An aromatherapy steamer gently releases notes of blended essential oils like klari sage, myrtle and rosemary. When the therapist commences the 60-minute massage, she introduces an affirmation for the spa guest to internally repeat in order to consciously strengthen the chakra with powerful mantras like “I am connected to the supreme being, we are one. I am not alone.”

As the massage progresses, the therapist introduces a globe of light that emits a rainbow of colors at varying speeds to activate emotions associated with each chakra: instinct, creativity, strength, love, expression, intuition and spirituality. The synergy of color, music, smells and massage produces a limitless energetic experience that reverberates through one’s entire being.

The ritual culminates with time for reflection in the relaxation room accompanied by specially blended teas containing plants, herbs, flowers and fruits optimal for each energy center. Gabriela stresses the importance of maintaining balanced chakras beyond the treatment and into everyday life with daily healing practices that promote inner strength, self-love, intuition and faith—and whenever a guest feels blocked or stuck, she reminds them that Singular Spa is there to lend a helping hand.