5 St. Barts Hotels With Incredible Views and Private Pools, Villas, or Beaches

If you're visiting the French Caribbean island of St. Barts, you can expect magnificence and splendor at any of these gorgeous hotels.

A rooftop pool and terrace at Hotel Carl Gustaf

Fabrice Rambert/Courtesy of Hotel Carl Gustaf

There's a repeated mantra Saint Barthélemy residents and frequent visitors tell the first-timers: No two hotels on the island are the same. Each has its own personality, charm, and view of the sparkling Caribbean waters and surrounding islands. While the island has long been associated with celebrities, mega-yachts, and exclusive invites, there are luxury hotels built for every traveler and every type of trip, whether you're on a once-in-a-lifetime romantic honeymoon or an extra special girls' getaway.

Some travelers make their way to St. Barts for the privacy, retreating deep into the hills or tucking into private beach coves. Others come for the island vibes and beach clubs, preferring something more lively and within walking distance of Saint-Jean or Gustavia, the capital city.

No matter what you're looking for on the picturesque island, you'll want to take advantage of the tropical splendor, five-star pampering, and some of the most breathtaking views in the Caribbean. For that, we recommend staying at any one of these gorgeous island hotels — each with its own look and feel, story, and unforgettable moments.

Le Toiny

The villa pool at Le Toiny

Courtesy of Le Toiny

Winding rounds will lead you to the east side of the island, where you'll find Le Toiny, a chic retreat with 22 private villas and suites. If the sweeping Caribbean Ocean views — the hotel is seated directly above Anse de Toiny — are the stars of the show, the property's bleached white interiors, pops of modern art, and emblematic Land Rover Defenders are the supporting characters. Le Toiny is on the smaller side, but guests can curate their trip based on the amount of privacy they want. Each spacious suite comes with its own pool and terrace, so you have the option to soak in the sun there — only to emerge for a world-class dinner at Le Toiny Restaurant, widely considered one of the best dining experiences on the island.

To really understand the magic and draw of Le Toiny, you have to spend a few hours, if not a full day, at the Beach Club. Prepare for a quick but bumpy ride down to the beach in one of the Defenders — a can't-miss experience — and keep your camera out to snap a photo from the dirt road's elevated vantage point. Once you get down to the beach, you'll want for nothing. Lounge chairs are spread across the sand, and palapa umbrellas provide relief from the blazing Caribbean sun. Guests can choose to enjoy a tropical cocktail and lunch from the comfort of their beachfront setup or head to the restaurant and bar. There's also a pool, showers, and a well-stocked boutique, leaving you with no need to leave the beach until closing time.

Eden Rock

Exterior of Eden Rock St Barths

Jeanne Le Menn/Courtesy of Eden Rock-St Barths

Feelings of surprise, delight, and Hollywood glitz set Eden Rock apart from the rest of the luxury accommodations on St. Barts. Now managed by the Oetker Collection, the property first came to be thanks to aviator Remy de Haenen, who brought names like Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, and a Rockefeller or two to the island in the 1950s and '60s. From the air, Eden Rock is easily identified by its vibrant red rooftops and proximity to the airport — a factor that, in other places, might take away some of the grandeur and relaxation. Here, it only adds to the overall glamour. From the ER Beach Bar, you'll get to watch private jets and charter planes landing and taking off from the island, an undeniably St Barts experience.

Eden Rock underwent extensive renovations after damage caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017, not only rebuilding but also refreshing and expanding. The hotel's 37 guest rooms, suites, and villas range in size, but each is outfitted with the best of the best — including Dyson hair dryers and Ligne St Barth bath products. That level of luxury also extends to the equally chic spa, which currently has an exclusive collaboration with celeb-favorite skincare brand Dr. Barbara Sturm. The holistic, anti-inflammatory, and highly effective products and treatments the line is known for are the perfect way to kick off (or wrap up) a getaway at Eden Rock.

Le Carl Gustaf

A lounge at Hotel Carl Gustaf

Hugo Allard/Courtesy of Hotel Carl Gustaf

If you want a postcard-worthy view of St. Barts, then you need to book a bungalow or suite at Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf, the only hotel five-star hotel in the port of Gustavia. Le Carl Gustaf technically sits above the port and is sheltered by lush vegetation — privacy in St. Barts is paramount — so it's the perfect location for travelers who want a balance of exploring the historic city, shopping in high-end boutiques, and getting plenty of relaxation hours.

Besides location, what sets Le Carl Gustaf apart from other hotels in the area is its dedication to feeling like a home, versus strictly a resort. Each of the 21 rooms has a private terrace and pool, so guests are guaranteed peace and quiet if they so desire. The property may give off a decidedly welcoming feel, but that doesn't mean Le Carl Gustaf is anything less than glamorous. The on-site restaurant, Fouquet's, is a testament to that. In the morning, guests start their day with a tower of bread and pastries overlooking the yacht-filled port, but at night, the restaurant boasts a menu from Michelin-starred Chef Pierre Gagnaire.

Guests have access to the nearby Shell Beach, named for its tiny shell-filled stretch of sand. It's completely walkable from Le Carl Gustaf, and even if you're not one for sand or surf, the beach restaurant, Shellona, has an irresistible Caribbean ambiance and Greek menu that sets the scene for an ideal day by the sea.

Villa Marie Saint-Barth

Interior of a guest room at Villa Marie Saint-Barth

L. Benoit/L. Di Orio/Courtesy of Villa Marie Saint-Barth

Villa Marie is a St. Barts hotel that feels completely unique from the other accommodations on the island. Here, boutique hotel meets five-star resort — with 20 villas and bungalows nestled high above the Bay of Flanders. The overall design of Villa Marie and its guest rooms can be described as a mix of Bohemian, colonial, and tropical influences, and the hotel's signature canary yellow is the great unifier on the property. Spot the bright color on the hotel's mini Moke parked in the driveway, the fluffy towels lining the pool chairs, and the accent pillows that sit atop the sofas in the outdoor living area and covered porches.

Everything about Villa Marie is stunning, but the breakfast is the absolute standout on-site experience. Guests make their way down to the poolside tables, shaded by umbrellas and palm trees, for coffee, a baker's basket of pastries, and plenty of healthy options, like avocado toast, fruit, and yogurt. As breakfast service gets underway, tortoises slowly weave their way between tables; it's a surprising sight at first, but by day two, it simply becomes part of a slow, relaxing morning routine.

Cheval Blanc St-Barth

Plunge pool and room terrace at Cheval Blanc St. Barth

Jacques Grange/Courtesy of Cheval Blanc St. Barth

The best word to describe Cheval Blanc St-Barth is serene. Its locale, layout, and design come together to create an oasis filled with tropical foliage and pockets of tranquility. The hotel sits on the northwest end of the island, with direct access to Flamands Beach (one of the larger beaches on St. Barts). Given the beachfront location, guests have the option of lounging by the ocean, the hotel's two pools, or by a private pool, an amenity that comes with select suites. Each room was designed by Jacques Grange and outfitted with products featuring the Maison's signature scent, Tropical Chic.

The 61-room property is more expansive than other hotels on the island, but the Cheval Blanc brand and its welcoming staff have created a feeling of warmth and intimacy that ensures each guest feels indulged with every attention and comfort — whether they're spending the afternoon at the garden spa, sipping sunset cocktails at White Bar, or dining at the hotel's two restaurants, La Cabane and La Case. Cheval Blanc is one of those unique places with robust enough offerings for families and all of the exclusivity and privacy necessary for a couples getaway. It's truly a one-of-a-kind hotel that leaves travelers planning their return visit months (and even years) in advance.

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