Southwest Reunites Little Girl With Missing Stuffed Dog Toy — See the Adorable Photos

This pup just had the adventure of a lifetime!

A stuffed dog in front of a Southwest Airlines airplane

Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

When a little girl left her stuffed dog in a rental car on the way to the airport, her mom turned to Southwest Airlines for help. And not only did the airline come through, but they also took the dog on a whirlwind adventure.

Jessica Dulin, a Southwest employee, was traveling with her daughter, Luna, from Dallas to Baltimore when they left the stuffed dog, named "Dog Dog," in the rental car, the airline shared with Travel + Leisure. Dulin then called a fellow Southwest employee, Christina, and asked her if she could pick up the dog.

Christina — who happens to work in Dallas — headed to the rental car location and rescued "Dog Dog", babysitting the stuffed animal until it could be reunited with Luna.

But Dog Dog didn’t just travel across the country, he did so in style. 

A stuffed dog reading a Southwest Airlines safety booklet

Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

“HAVE YOU SEEN THIS DOG?! Apparently he’s been jet-setting all over the place looking for his owner,” Southwest tweeted on Thursday, adding “The plot thickens! This good boy is a great co-pilot, but he’s still searching the skies for his favorite human, Luna.”

A stuffed dog with airport marshaling wands

Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

During his journey, Dog Dog dutifully studied the safety information card on the plane, hung out on the tarmac, took a turn using the aircraft marshalling wands, and even sipped some water. 

Finally, "Dog Dog" was reunited with Luna along with a photo album to show all of his adventures.

A stuffed dog drinking water on a Southwest Airlines flight

Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

This isn’t the first time a child has lost a beloved stuffed animal while flying — or the first happy ending. In 2020, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport made sure to reunite a little boy with his stuffed Dalmatian after the toy was accidentally left behind while boarding a flight. Like Dog Dog, the Dalmatian went on a tour of the airport first, visiting an airplane cockpit, tasting local ice cream, and helping out at the gate.

That same year, a Virginia hotel took another stuffed dog on an adventure after a little girl left him behind. That dog, Ruff Ruff, helped answer phones at the hotel and did some quality sunbathing by the pool before he was reunited with his owner.

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