The Next Great Solar Eclipse Is Just 3 Months Away, and This Cruise Is the Best Way to See It

This 10-day sailing promises cultural immersion, wildlife spotting, and an incredible celestial show.

Silhouette of ship with sails on the ocean, a SeaTrek Sailing Adventures cruise in Indonesia

Courtesy of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

If you missed the Great American Eclipse of 2017, your chance to see another total solar eclipse is approaching: The next one happens in just three months on April 20, 2023.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how much you love to travel, the best views of this eclipse will be from Indonesia, East Timor, and the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia. And that means one of the best ways to see the spectacle is on the water

After its Australian solar eclipse cruise sold out, science publication New Scientist chartered a second vessel to take visitors to see the show as part of its tour offerings. Rather than sail the coast of Australia, however, this one is sailing through Indonesia.

Chairs on deck of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures cruise in Indonesia with scenic landscape

Courtesy of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

The 10-day voyage will be on the Ombak Putih, a traditional Indonesian sailing vessel known as a pinisi, which hails from the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi. For this expedition, just 22 guests will be hosted on board by two local expedition leaders. The star of the show will, of course, be the total solar eclipse — a phenomenon when the moon crosses between the Earth and the sun, blocking nearly all of the sun's light across a swath of our planet for about 70 seconds. That day, guests will visit Maupora Atoll as their viewing location, and after the event, they'll enjoy a barbecue party on the beach.

But the journey also includes cultural immersion and wildlife sightings across some of Indonesia's eastern islands. In the town of Larantuka, guests will learn about the art of ikat, a fabric dyeing technique, by the local Lamaholot artisans. In Wuring, they'll visit with the semi-nomadic Bajau, who build homes atop stilts on coral rocks. And in Sika, guests will attempt to spot docile dugongs, a relative of the manatee. Throughout the adventure will be opportunities to snorkel and swim — and perhaps even see dolphins, turtles, and pilot whales.

Interior bedroom cabin on SeaTrek Sailing Adventures cruise in Indonesia

Courtesy of SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

Rates for the 10-day itinerary are $7,500 per person, and you can book the cruise here. And if you can't swing this trip, don't worry — there's another eclipse happening much closer to home on April 8, 2024, across the United States, so get ready for a road trip.

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