Watch 'SNL' Spoof Southwest Airlines' Christmas Week Meltdown in Hilarious Skit

“Here at Southwest mistakes were made and that’s on us — mostly. Some of it’s on you.”

Southwest received the Saturday Night Live treatment when the show spoofed the airline’s infamous Christmas week meltdown that saw thousands of flights canceled and passengers stranded.

The show’s hilarious skit aired on Saturday during an episode hosted by actor Michael B. Jordan and focused on Southwest employees played by Jordan along with cast members, including Heidi Gardner and Devon Walker. In a taped message, the employees detailed the airline’s (many) recent issues and promised a “better, more modern Southwest experience.”

“Here at Southwest mistakes were made and that’s on us — mostly. Some of it’s on you,” Gardner told the camera during the segment.

The skit harped on Southwest’s late December meltdown in which thousands of flights were canceled during one of the busiest travel times of the year. In the weeks since, the airline has apologized to customers and handed out Rapid Rewards points to some who were affected.

The skit also pointed out the Department of Transportation’s investigation into Southwest and the carrier’s $800 million pre-tax loss that occurred as a result of the flight disruptions, which Southwest President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Jordan confirmed last week.

To assist in “making things right,” the skit promised a series of enhancements, including upgrading the airline’s communications system to 2008 Dell computers, an improvement from the “2002 IBM Thinkpad laptops with the little red nipple in the middle.” 

The skit also promised no more missing baggage “guaranteed,” instead opting for a color-coded system (red for Dallas, and blue for Charlotte, precisely).

“That makes it your responsibility, not ours,” they joked.

The spoof also promised improved amenities like the new “Southwest premier Lounge”: two or three tables reserved at Starbucks.

And when it comes to boarding? Southwest is doing away with the check-in process, instead “just trying to fill up the plane and go.” 

This is not the first time SNL spoofed a travel-related pain point. In 2020, the show spent 8 minutes making fun of New York’s LaGuardia Airport, which was once famously likened to a third world country by then-Vice President Joe Biden. Since then, the airport has received much-needed improvements and now welcomes travelers with top-notch local restaurants and modern conveniences.

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