This $20 Gadget Is a Game-changer for Making S’mores at Home

Make six perfect s’mores at a time — with or without a fire — any time of year.

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 S'more to Love STL-611 Six-S'more Maker Tout

S’mores are surely among the world’s most perfect desserts — but the sweet little sandwiches from heaven are not without their drawbacks. For one thing, they tend to get messy or undesirably burnt in the cooking process. Plus, you need an actual campfire (and a campsite, and a seasonal time for camping) to make them. Right? 

Not so fast. There’s one simple, affordable tool that solves all those problems at once: S’more to Love’s Six-S’more Maker. The genius hack is backed by more than 1,000 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers, and it’s available right now for just $20.

With this affordable, analog tool, you can make s’mores any time of the year — and you don’t even need a campfire to do it. Use it in the toaster, in the oven, or on the barbecue to create the ideal melty, gooey treats every time with no mess and no sharp skewers.

 S'more to Love STL-611 Six-S'more Maker

To buy:, $20

Think of it as a grill basket custom fitted to make six individual s’mores at a time, each one locked securely into its own protective little s’more prison cell. The space between each of the baskets creates convection currents, which actually serve to move heat around each treat for even cooking.

There are no sticks to clean (or to accidentally stab kids); just put a layer of foil underneath to catch gooey drips if you’re using this contraption with a grill or oven.

And since the grill basket simplifies the process for perfect cooking each time, you’ll be inspired to experiment with gourmet add-ons and substitutions; whatever’s between those graham crackers is sure to melt evenly into an irresistible treat (and you’ll look like a culinary genius). 

Campers love that they no longer have to hunt down the perfect stick for roasting hotdogs or marshmallows. “This was a hit while camping, feels sturdy and was easy to assemble!” one shopper raved. However, you can bring cozy camping vibes into your home with this gadget sans campfire: “This is a great product because you can enjoy s'mores with or without a campfire,” another noted.

One reviewer called it a “winning little food gadget” — and now owns three to make 18 s’mores at a time for larger parties and groups. “I've made a million s’mores on this — perfection,” a customer noted: “You get much better results if you load them with the marshmallow below the chocolate. With it closer to the heat, you can achieve a perfectly melty roast on both.”

Ready to up your s’mores game in a major way — anywhere, and at any time of year? This $20 six-s’more maker is a game-changing gadget (and a great gift) at a price worthy of an impulse buy. And, if you're in the market for another fun, nostalgic purchase — whether you're getting a jumpstart on holiday shopping, your camping trip was rained out, or you're hosting a party — check out more s'mores makers from Amazon below.

Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $30

 Chef’n Sweet Spot Tabletop Smores Maker


To buy:, $46 (originally $60)

At the time of publishing, the price was $20. 

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