Seth Rogen Is Hosting Airbnb Stays Next Month in Los Angeles — and Plans to Make Pottery With His Guests

Plus, the house you'll stay in has a stunning pool overlooking the city.

Seth Rogan poses for a portrait next to a ceramic pottery wheel in progress. He wears a blue jumpsuit in his Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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Seth Rogen is inviting you to come get creative with him at an extremely special Airbnb

If you're a true fan of the actor, you know that he takes his creative pursuits beyond the screen and into the ceramics studio with his company, Houseplant, a brand specializing in gorgeous cannabis accessories and home goods. Now, he’s inviting a guest and their chosen plus one to come spend a night at an artistic retreat in Los Angeles. And yes, he'll be around to greet you — and throw some pots with you.

Swimming pool with view of Los Angeles from Seth Rogan's Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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Floor to ceiling windows along two walls with a large couch at Seth Rogan's Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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“We founded Houseplant because people who smoke weed also like nice things, and that didn’t really exist in this way before,” Rogen told Travel + Leisure exclusively. “You used to hide everything, but now we have beautiful lighters and ashtrays meant to be displayed, and they’re all in this beautiful Airbnb. It’s really come full circle.”

The Airbnb retreat includes a ceramic studio filled with Rogen’s pottery, alongside midcentury furnishings, plenty of plantlife, and stunning views of Los Angeles out of the floor-to-ceiling windows, all meant to inspire a creative stay. 

Pottery wheel and lounge with Seth Rogan's ceramics and ashtray stand at Seth Rogan's Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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“It’s a really unique Airbnb to relax and feel inspired. Depending on the time of day, there’s a distinct sativa, hybrid, and indica vibe about different parts of the house, which felt authentically Houseplant and authentically me,” Rogen said. “We took a lot of the fun and amazing style from Houseplant and turned it into a creative retreat with Airbnb where you can actually spend the night in. The view is really amazing. To sit in a chair with an ashtray by your side, looking out over Los Angeles, is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.”

Primary Bedroom with fun black and green wallpaper at Seth Rogan's Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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Rogen will host three, one-night stays (on February 15, 16, and 17), each for two guests. The stays will cost $42. A spokesperson for Airbnb added that the home rental company will also make a one-time donation to Hilarity for Charity, a non-profit whose aim is to care for families impacted by Alzheimer's disease, as part of the stay.

The stay includes time in the pottery studio with Rogen, a vinyl record selection curated by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, including Houseplant's record sets, and a fully stocked fridge for late-night munchies. 

Stand alone bathtub with ashtray stand and rolling tray from Houseplant at Seth Rogan's Houseplant Airbnb in Los Angeles

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As for how he’d spend the stay as a guest, Rogen said, “I’d wake up and start the day by enjoying the surroundings and my favorite pastime...pottery! There’s a pool area with a terrace that overlooks all of Los Angeles, and it’s perfect for a relaxing morning coffee.” Rogen added that the home is an “ideal spot to reflect, get inspired, and make some fun creations. The walls are covered with products from Houseplant, as well as my own self-made ceramics, which can help get the creative juices going.” 

Want to land this Airbnb stay? You can request a booking starting Feb. 7 at 10 a.m. PT here.

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