This Genius Bluetooth Tag Helps Travelers Keep Track of Their Checked Luggage — and It’s on Sale

It also comes in handy for keeping tabs on purses, wallets, and other valuable items, and it’s 25 percent off during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

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SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag+ Plus


Traveling is all about anticipating and rolling with the unexpected, and for some, that involves dealing with delayed, and even lost, luggage. Before your next flight, Amazon shoppers recommend adding the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ to your travel gear checklist, as the popular Android-compatible Bluetooth tracker is the “best smart tag money can buy” and can offer peace of mind. 

While these kinds of devices can cost a pretty penny, this one is actually budget-friendly  — and thanks to Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale, it's even more affordable. Right now, you can get the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ for 25 percent off, which brings its price tag to $30. But you'll want to hurry, the sale ends tonight at midnight PT — and with it, this amazing deal.

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag+ Plus


To buy:, $30 (originally $40) 

Measuring 6.5 inches by 9 inches by .39 inches, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ has a handy keychain hole that allows it to securely fasten around your luggage tag. It provides an extra layer of security with its 393-foot Bluetooth range (Note: When your lost luggage is out of range, the SmartTag+ uses scanned data to locate it privately). With the click of a button, it connects to your Android smartphone, Galaxy tablet, and other Samsung-compatible devices through the SmartThings app so you’re never out of the loop. 

Lost checked bags aren’t the only items that you can track with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+; attach it to keys, smartphones, purses, wallets, and other belongings that you want to keep a close eye on. If you’re using it to find your keys and phone, the SmartTag+ has a convenient “ringing” feature that will aid in your search. It also lights up green so you can easily spot it in dark rooms too. Pet owners admit that it also fits perfectly on their dog’s collars and gives them peace of mind as it notifies them when they’ve wandered out of range. 

“I could think of 1,000 uses for these, like your luggage, car, keys or even tracking an elderly parent if they are prone to wander off,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “I’ve had other tracking devices, and this one is hands down the best, and you don't need to pay for monthly service like many others.” 

A traveler chimed in to share that the SmartTag+ “located my luggage across [the] continent with unbelievable accuracy to the gate level at the airport… The app navigated me to the building and by activating the signal strength locator, it directed me to the location of the luggage waiting by one of the conveyor belts.” Another customer added that getting one before their trip to Europe was “a wise choice” as it helped confirm that their “luggage was near the connecting plane before takeoff.” For one travel enthusiast, it even helped them locate their bag before it was stolen on a train. 

Also singing the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ its praises, a shopper said, “They are surprisingly accurate and the battery seems to work for months with little deterioration.” They also added that they “use these for my son's E-bike, my backpack, my luggage, my spouse's car, my son's car that lives 700 miles away.” Another customer noted, “I set it up to send a text alert with a press of its button. If she needs help in any way, I will get a text, ‘I need help.’” 

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (2 Pack)


To buy:, $45 (originally $58) 

Intrigued? It’s also worth noting that this Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ 2-Pack Set is also on sale. You can get it for 24 percent off, which brings the duo’s price tag down to $45. Upgrade your travel game with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ while it’s on sale during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. And if you’re not a Prime member, sign up for your free 30-day trial today so you can score more exclusive deals. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $30. 

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