Just 'One Dropper' of This New Face Serum Is 'Like a Green Juice' for Dull, Tired Skin After a Long Travel Day

And you’ll never guess the secret ingredient behind this anti-aging formula.

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A long day of traveling can leave your complexion looking dry, dull, and just overall tired. And, that’s just from the recycled airplane air. Factor in the pollutants from your destination, the lack of sleep during your trip, the hours spent under the sun, and the savory foods you enjoyed, and your skin will be begging for a reset by the time you get back home.  

Thankfully, there are tiny tweaks that you can make to your skin care routine to ensure that your complexion is getting the nutrients and hydration it needs to repair itself after traveling — starting with the Superflower Detox Serum from the editor-loved brand Saint Jane. Designed to act as a reset button for your skin, the newly launched face serum is packed with powerful, antioxidant- and moisture-rich ingredients that purify the skin, removing complexion-plaguing, pore-clogging, and brightness-depleting toxins and restoring the nutrients it needs to be radiant and healthy. 


Saint Jane

To buy: saintjanebeauty.com, $88

"Detox, for me, is an essential part of your overall wellness," Saint Jane founder Casey Georgeson tells Travel + Leisure. "It means a total reset for your body and mind. 'Detox' is part of the name of our newest serum because your skin needs a reset, too. And this serum does just that; it resets the skin’s balance and barrier with essential nutrients and hydration. It’s a daily dose of nutrients and vitamins for the skin." 

When explaining the Superflower Detox Serum's unique formula, Georgeson shared that she drew inspiration from the gentle and effective healing benefits of flowers: "I discovered ones that really nourish the dermal layer and build the skin barrier for optimal skin wellness. I’ve seen so many products that strip the skin or over exfoliate and are just too harsh, and I really wanted to lean into ingredients that delivered results with a more healing-centric approach."  

At the center of the serum is rose, which deeply nourishes the skin while doing the heavy detoxifying work. "It is incredible for purifying toxins," Georgeson said. "We procure the rose from Bulgaria where the petals are hand-picked by women who have been cultivating this rose’s precious oil in this manner for centuries." 

Skin barrier-strengthening blue tansy is also present. The nutrient dense ingredient is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to soothe the skin. The Superflower Detox Serum also delivers a dose of anti-aging benefits thanks to neroli, which smooths the look of fine lines for a firmer, plumper-looking complexion. Chamomile also assists with skin rejuvenation by initiating collagen production, resulting in a boost in brightness and a reduction of texture. 


Saint Jane

Your skin also gets blanketed in a wave of moisture courtesy of ultra-hydrating wild cherry extract. "When blended, these ingredients work in concert to renew the skin," Georgeson added. "They create a balanced, more hydrated complexion that is more radiant and luminous with each use." 

An avid traveler, Georgeson was happy to report that the Superflower Detox Serum passed the ultimate test: reviving her skin from an exhausting travel day. "Unfortunately, traveling is not great for the skin," she began, crediting the "incredibly drying" pressurized plane cabins with dehydrating the skin barrier and leaving it "imbalanced and in need of major TLC." 

She continued, "I just got home from a family trip in Hawaii, and I can tell you that after two long flights — one of them was a late-night flight — my skin had seen better days," she explained. "Post-flight and after I cleansed my skin, I pressed a dropper full of Superflower Detox into my skin, and the dryness and dullness were instantly gone and my skin had that nourished glow again."


Saint Jane

Even if you're not returning from a trip, the Superflower Detox Serum still has a place in your daily skin care routine. For Georgeson, it's a staple in her morning regimen, noting that it helps awaken and brighten her complexion: "No matter how long I’ve slept, I need a boost of nutrients, and Superflower is formulated like a green juice for your skin." 

Hit the reset button on your skin with the Superflower Detox Serum, which is available today at Saint Jane. Trust us, it's what your skin's been missing. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $88. 

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