Watch Trevor Noah and Roger Federer Go on an Accidental Train Adventure Through Switzerland — and Win the Same Trip

The travel duo we didn't know we needed are hosting a contest for a traveler to win a train trip through Switzerland.

Roger Federer and Trevor Noah
Roger Federer and Trevor Noah . Photo:

Switzerland Tourism / André Meier

Train travel is having a real moment. Just ask Roger Federer and Trevor Noah. 

Last month, Switzerland Tourism unveiled its latest project with its brand ambassador, Federer, alongside his latest co-star, Noah. The duo was paired up to showcase the nation’s epic railway system, and really, who better to do just that than two of the world’s most famous half Swiss, half South African citizens? And not only are the sports legend and the comedian showing off just how gorgeous the rails are in Switzerland, but they are also helping to give away a journey on the tracks too. 

In the video, the pair hops aboard the Goldenpass Express between Montreux and Interlaken — entirely by accident. While hilarity ensues, so too do the gorgeous views of verdant rolling hills that make the country so famous. 

It’s a journey that fans can also win, so long as they pay close attention to the video. 

“In the film, Roger Federer and Trevor Noah experience an incredible train journey.  They’re all fired up to set off again straight away,” Switzerland Tourism wrote on its train giveaway page. “But where to?” 

Once you watch the video and figure out the answer, all you need to do to enter is pop in the correct destination, along with your personal information here to be entered by April 30 to win the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland giveaway. 

The winner will receive tickets aboard The Classic Jungfrau and an overnight stay for two in 5-star hotels. The winner will also receive tickets for the return journey with Swiss Economy for a prize worth about $16,600 (CHF 15,000). 

The trip will take travelers through the nation, with any destination acting as the starting point. For example, guests can get on board in Zurich, make their way to Lucerne to view the stunning lake, continue on to the mountain village of Interlaken, keep going toward Montreux at Lake Geneva, view the Matterhorn in Zermatt, and more. 

Ready to claim your seat on the train? Enter to win at   

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