The Trick That Helps This Fashion TikTok Star Travel With the Perfect Outfits — Without Overpacking

Remi Bader knows how to arrive with flawless looks — even if she packs the morning of her flight.

Remi Bader at NYFW in February 2023 with pink flowers in the background

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In the past year, Remi Bader has attended both New York and Paris Fashion Week, visited Italy with friends, and traveled solo to London, so it goes without saying that she knows a thing or two about packing a suitcase and traveling the world. At 28, this fashion influencer is best known for sharing her style recommendations for plus-sized women on her "Realistic TikTok," but her followers actually return the favor — by influencing her whenever she jets off to a new place.

“I like to post on my Instagram, ask people where to eat, where to go. I’m really a recommendation type of person,” Bader told Travel + Leisure in a recent interview. “Probably a month before, I [will be like], ‘Need hotels, need dinners, need every type of recommendation.’ Then I actually share those. I have a highlight on my Instagram for recommendations where I post all of those so other people can have them for everywhere I go.”

Travel + Leisure caught Bader in between flights to chat about her key tips for packing practically but fabulously, her go-to tequila drink while traveling, and more.

Pack when you're feeling most productive

You know that productivity tip about completing your most difficult task first? Bader’s perspective on getting ready to travel (aka packing) is similar, so she always packs first thing in the morning.

Yes, on the day of her trip.

“I have this thing where I’m more focused when it’s light out, like in the morning and during the day,” Bader explained. “So, even when it’s nighttime the night before [a trip] when I should be packing, sometimes I even wait until 5 in the morning and then leave at 7 a.m.”

It’s refreshing advice, given that its common to think a "good traveler" is packed days in advance.

“I've always been like that. I would even do that with studying. I never was a stay-up-late-to-get-things-done type of person,” Bader added. “I like to wake up really early.”

Remi Bader

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Cute, comfortable sneakers will change your life

“I never was a dress-up, wearing heels kind of gal,” she told T+L. “That’s always what I say for anything: Feel cute, but also be comfortable at the same time.”

For Bader, that usually means wearing a sweatsuit in the airport and letting the accessories do the talking. With more fashion-forward sneaker styles than ever, a statement sneak has fast become one of Bader’s airport style staples.

“I usually throw on sunglasses or a brand hat or a baseball hat,” Bader says. “I wear cute sneakers. I love doing that. Comfort is key for me.”

Invest in a pill pack

It’s hardly a new trick but just as the fanny pack is making a comeback, Bader is bringing back the pill pack, too. Typically associated with older people who need to organize medication, Bader calls those an absolute godsend.

“Someone told me, ‘Remi, you have to stop taking your full, like huge things of vitamins and stuff,’” Bader said. “I got a travel pill organizer for my vitamins and there’s one for day and one for night. I just started doing this and I swear, it changed my life. It’s so much easier.”

You can find one just like Bader’s for less than $10 on Amazon.

Pack outfits, not clothes

She may be packing at 5 a.m., but Bader recommends packing outfits — not individual clothing items.

“I like when I specifically have brand trips or trips where I know I need certain outfits for things because then I do have to plan that out,” Bader explained.

The rest of her things — the small stuff like bags, shoes, socks, and undergarments — goes in smaller-sized packing cubes so it all stays together.

“I definitely like to pack actual outfits and then bring extra stuff just in case I want to change something up,” Bader added. “I have my sister’s bachelorette coming up in Tulum, Mexico and I planned all the themes so I have an outfit already for every night. I feel like I’m going to pack so much less because I already know what I’m wearing.”

Remi Bader

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After arriving, wind down — or get the party started — with rosado tequila

Her go-to cocktail while traveling? Whether it’s on the plane or at a local spot upon arrival, Bader's order is always tequila — either on the rocks or with a splash of sparkling water and lemon garnish.

“I have specifically always loved Don Julio tequila,” Bader said. “Their Tequila Don Julio Rosado, which in a way is almost like a mix of rose and tequila, is lighter and it’s pink and it’s fruity, so I like having that mix.”

Bader recently partnered with the brand to celebrate the launch of the fun and fruity take on traditional tequila, that's achieved by aging in Ruby Port wine casks.

The drink itself — with its pink hue — gives off party vibes, pairing perfectly with Tequila Don Julio's memo of "PTO" or "Party Time Off" with the launch of the product.

“The whole idea of Party Time Off, [is that] you can enjoy your tequila earlier in the day too,” Bader said.

Her perfect tequila cocktail? The Tequila Don Julio Rosado spritz — and she was kind of enough to share the recipe.

Tequila Don Julio Rosado Spritz


·         1 ½ oz Tequila Don Julio Rosado

·         Splash of Sparkling Water

·         Lemon Wedge


Add 1.5 oz. of Tequila Don Julio Rosado to an ice-filled coupe glass. Top with a splash of sparkling water. 

Garnish:  Lemon wedge

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