My Home Smells Like a 5-star Resort Thanks to This $18 Ritz-Carlton Hotel-inspired Diffuser Set From Amazon

It’s a best-seller for a reason.

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This Reed Diffuser Has "Hotel Scents" So I Can Bring My Favorite Properties Home With Me tout

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One reason I love staying at five-star hotels? They always smell so good. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to pull an Eloise and live at the Plaza Hotel, or if I had my druthers, The Ritz-Carlton Maldives. Fortunately, I can afford this Pristine Ritz-Carlton-inspired Reed Diffuser Set I found at Amazon that starts at just $20 for 1.6 ounces. It doesn’t physically turn my 1,200-square-foot home into a fancy five-star hotel, but it sure makes it smell like one.

 Pristine, the maker of this reed diffuser set, can actually make my home smell like four different five-star properties from around the world. Their hotel-inspired collection includes Maldives Villa inspired by Marriott, Swiss Château inspired by Hilton, Japanese Ryokan by Shangri-La, and English Country Inn inspired by Ritz-Carlton. Currently, they’re available in two sizes, 1.6-ounce and 6-ounce, and price varies slightly by scent.

Pristine Premium Hotel Scented Reed Diffuser Oil Refill


To buy:, $22 for 6-ounce diffuser with on-site coupon (originally $30)

For the last two weeks, I’ve been loving the English Country Inn. When I opened it, the first thing I noticed was that the scent wasn’t overpowering the way pure essential oils are. It simply smelled pleasant — the perfect amount of pleasant. While I’m no parfumier, I’d say the scent is an elegant blend of strawberry meets vanilla meets earth. Basically, I don’t know how they did it, but Pristine somehow managed to marry an English country inn with a Ritz-Carlton and bottle it.

The diffuser set came with five reeds, and within hours of putting the reeds in the oil, my home went from smelling like my wet, 110-pound Leonberger (basically a St. Bernard) to smelling like the kind of place where the royal family would stay if they wanted to get away.  In fact, my neighbor dropped by recently, and before she even said “hi,” she asked what smelled so good. (Don’t get me wrong; I want my house to smell nice, but not so nice that she drops by every day.)

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Pristine English Country Inn / Inspired by Ritz Carlton Reed Diffuser

Travel + Leisure / Katie Jackson

I told her it was my new diffuser set, despite the fact that the diffuser set was already a few weeks old. Judging by how much oil is left in the jar, I reckon I have at least another six weeks before I need a refill. Currently, I use one diffuser per floor, and each floor in my house is around 600 square feet. The scent permeates the room but doesn’t seem to saturate the air and weigh it down the way cheap plug-in air fresheners do. It’s noticeable, yet subtle at the same time. In other words, it doesn’t hit you in the face; it gently hugs you.

Sometimes when I open the front door and get a whiff of the living room, I actually do a double take and wonder if I’m really home. “This literally smells like the Ritz lobby,” writes one shopper who sums up my sentiments rather perfectly. They gave it a five-star review. Despite only being on Amazon since March, 2021, this diffuser set already has more than 570 perfect five-star ratings. It’s also on Amazon’s list of best-sellers in Reed Diffuser Sets.

Maldives Villa Reed Diffuser for Home


To buy:, $21 for 6-ounce diffuser with on-site coupon (originally $30)

Another happy shopper whose review is titled “Perfection” said that before the pandemic, they often stayed at a Shangri-La in Hong Kong. Now they’re thrilled they don’t have to endure a 17-hour flight to smell their beloved hotel. “The scent is spot on to the hotel’s signature scent,” they write. “Joy! It’s the little things in life.” Another happy shopper says it transports them to a “Marriott spa experience.”

Now, I look forward to the day when someone figures out how to bottle a massage or facial. But in the meantime, I’m quite content with my hotel-inspired Pristine Ritz-Carlton-inspired Reed Diffuser Set.

Swiss Château Reed Diffuser for Home


To buy:, $18 for 6-ounce diffuser with on-site coupon (originally $20)

At the time of publishing, the price started at $18. 

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