This Popular Italian Seaside Destination Will Fine Tourists Up to $300 for One Very Specific Offense

Portofino's new rule is pointed at selfie lovers.

A popular fishing village on the Italian Riviera is rolling out a new rule in an effort to control crowding from tourists.

The town of Portofino, which sits just south of Genoa, Italy, will fine tourists for lingering in newly established “red” zones, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Anyone who violates the rules may be fined between €68 and €275 — about $74 to $300. The regulated zones will be in effect through at least Oct. 15, from the morning until 6 p.m.

Moored boats in the water in Portofino, Italy

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The rules prohibit travelers from stopping and lingering “in points of aggregation and meeting places for groups and cruise passengers waiting to be boarded on boats or other things,” according to the paper. That lingering has previously created "serious obstacles and potential danger."

Portofino Mayor Matteo Viacava told Corriere della Sera the new rules "allow all tourists who reach Portofino to be able to make the most of the village but also manage security in the square.”

Known for its colorful homes dotted around a picturesque harbor, Portofino has a population of just over 500 people that tends to swell to thousands during popular tourist seasons, according to The Independent

Portofino is not the only Italian town to implement rules to curb crowds. Last year, Naples introduced a one-way foot traffic rule on a popular street filled with nativity scenes over the holiday season to cut down on crowding. And in 2021, Venice started tracking visitors using the city’s extensive CCTV camera network and mobile phone tracking system to combat overtourism.

Beyond Italy, popular towns in France, like Marseille and Corsica, started capping visitors last year to control tourism.

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