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Photo of Vesuvius
Credit: Getty Images

A photographer is offering a rare item for the discerning art collector with a few million euros to spare.

Italian photographer Giovanni Scotti is selling a photo negative of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Italy, on eBay for 8 million euros, or approximately $9 million. The image captures a moment from May of this year when a rainbow framed the famous volcano in a rare natural occurrence.

“It was an incredible and maybe unrepeatable manifestation of meteorological items happened in that particular moment,” reads the description for the photo on eBay. “The picture is a perfect example of a ‘postcard template’ panoramic stereotyped representation of Naples.”

A negative of a photo of Vesuvius is on sale on eBay for 8 million euros.
Credit: eBay

So what makes the photo worth so much?

While the image of the rainbow over Vesuvius was widely photographed, Scotti says his photograph is worth the high asking price because the negative proves the image was not digitally altered.

Despite the high price tag, the shipping is free.