T+L’s photo editors share their tips on what to take along.

By Travel + Leisure
Updated: May 03, 2017
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Matthew Palmer/Getty Images

A lens cloth

Never use a napkin to remove dirt from a lens. Zeiss makes a microfiber pouch that doubles as a cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, apply ROR Residual Oil Remover.

Extra storage

Estimate the number of memory cards you’ll need based on your pics’ average file size, how often you snap, and whether you shoot video. Then bring twice that many. Store them separately from your camera in a waterproof case.

A connection to the cloud

Set up an iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox premium account to back up your photos any time your device is connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll have to pay extra, but if you ever lose your camera, you’ll be glad you did.

Only the cables you need

Many non-Apple products, including Android phones and cameras, use micro-USB connectors, so you should be able to bring just one and avoid that dreaded tangle of cords. Most USB wall adapters are interchangeable, too.