T+L Photographers Share Their Most Memorable Shots — and the Gear They Can't Travel Without

We asked four of our trusted contributors about their favorite cameras, cases, tripods, and more.

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So you want to get that "it" shot — the one you see in glossy magazines? Four of our most trusted photographers explain how to think like a pro, and what gear they use to capture the perfect scene.

A photo shows a close up of the arms and legs of two women on the beach, and an illustration of a camera and bag
Marco Argüello. Illustration by Matthew Hollings

Marco Argüello

Camera: Sony A7 III

Accessory: Tenba Byob 10 Camera Insert

"I always pack my Sony A7 in the Tenba camera case when I travel. I like it because it's light, small, and unobtrusive. I used the A7 to get this candid photo of my wife, Stefani, and her childhood best friend, who came to visit us in Athens in 2019. We all took a beach holiday to the Greek island of Hydra. I love the slightly tilted composition and how the warm light gives shape to their arms and legs."

Photo of a mosque in Istanbul, and an illustratino of a camera on a tripod
Nancy Lova. Illustration by Matthew Hollings

Nancy Lova

Camera: Canon EOS 77d (available on eBay)

Accessory: Joby GorillaPod

"I have a fascination with the Ottoman era and the patterns and details of Islamic architecture. I finally went to Istanbul for the first time in 2020, on a solo trip from my home in London. This is the exterior of the Blue Mosque — or the Sultanahmet Camii, in Turkish — taken from Sultanahmet Square. I always try to 'see' the shot before I set it up. I'm constantly thinking about what will be in the center of my image. I adjusted my portable tripod so that the minaret catches your eye. The GorillaPod attaches to practically anything, making it quick and easy to set up."

Photo of a yellow car in a garage and an illustration of a camera bag and camera
Jeni Afuso. Illustration by Matthew Hollings

Jeni Afuso

Camera: Contax T2 (available on eBay)

Accessory: Topo Designs Camera Cube

"For me, going running is a great way to cover a lot of ground when I'm traveling on assignment — and also burn calories so I can eat more, which is the best part of traveling. I always keep my Contax T2 on me, protected by the Topo camera cube. You never know when you'll stumble across a scene worth capturing. Like in February, when I was running in San Felipe del Agua, Mexico. I saw a yellow Jeep Alpina at the bottom of a hill, and I just had to run down to get a photo. I loved everything about the composition…until I realized I had to get back up the hill again. Anything for the shot, I suppose."

Two photos show a portrait of a woman wearing a blue headscarf, and an illustration of a camera and film
Frédéric Lagrange. Illustration by Matthew Hollings

Frédéric Lagrange

Camera: Pentax 6x7 (available on eBay)

Accessory: Kodak Gold 200 film

"A period of unrest had recently ended in Kashmir, and there was still palpable tension in the region. So I was generally being careful, but felt compelled to introduce myself to this woman. There was a blue fence nearby that matched her scarf, so I asked to take a portrait of her there. The overwhelming presence of the blue lifts the mood and creates lightness, especially given the atmosphere at the time the frame was shot. I used my Pentax 6x7 and Kodak Gold 200 film, the same things I've used for all my T+L assignments for the past twenty years."

A version of this story first appeared in the August 2022 issue of Travel + Leisure under the headline "In Focus."

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