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Daniel Centeno sure does have a picture-perfect life.

On his Instagram account, Centeno shares unbelievable photos from his global adventures with his more than 60,000 followers — including a few snaps of him and his friends frolicking on the beach, taking a dip in the ocean, and hanging out by the pool.

But when looking at Centeno’s account, you might get the sense that his life (and his photos) are just a little too good to be true. You would be correct: some of the images are in fact fake.

In a few of the pilot's snapshots, he can be seen hanging outside of a plane’s cockpit window as he snaps a selfie high above the clouds. This is, of course, impossible for several reasons, one reason being that the air temperature outside of a cruising-altitude flight is about negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the second is that a cruising-altitude plane is traveling several hundred miles per hour.

Instead, the pilot is having a bit of cheeky fun with his followers by superimposing photos of himself posing safe and sound on terra firma over aerial images, giving the look and feel that he is indeed perilously hanging outside of the plane for the perfect selfie.

"I have to let you know that this photo is fake guys, just in case," he writes in a caption. "Photoshop mode ON," he clarifies in another.

In fact, Centeno’s images have become so famous that there’s now a Snopes page dedicated to debunking him.

As Snopes explained, there are several ways to easily tell that Centeno’s images have been manipulated, including looking at the pilot’s reflection in his sunglasses, or the edges of the plane around the sky’s clouds, or simply by understanding that this feat is physically impossible.

So fear not Centeno fans, the pilot is safe and sound on the ground — and if he’s piloting your plane, it will land safely at your final destination.