Erika Owen
December 06, 2016

Follow along as we introduce the finalists of the 2016 T+L Photo Contest. These nine photographers come from all over the United States—but their photos span the entire world. For Round 2 of the contest, we asked each finalist to subject a few more of their photographs showcasing their talent and a video outlining why they should be named the winner. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photographer before the voting ends on December 13th.

Tendai Chiriga is a New York-based photographer who grew up in Zimbabwe. The intense use of sunlight and the way he handled the multi-subject prose of his winning shot of Icelandic horse (pictured above) is what won over our judges. "“I like the hint of wire fence at the bottom—it’s competing with the horizon line in the background, creating a nice framing for the entire photo," says Travel + Leisure Photo Director Scott Hall. "The wind is nice, too—I look at it and can feel the coldness.

All of Chiriga's submitted work plays with multiple subjects and different environments, from the cold blues of Iceland to the cozy, snow-dotted streets of New York City. “His photo's use of foreground, middle ground, and background—each plane has its own story going on," Hall says of the photo that got Chiriga into the next round of competition.

As you can see in Chiriga's work, most of his subjects are on the move—which is one of the things he loves to capture with his work. "My favorite subjects often are moving, whether it's nature, people, emotions—anything I can capture that conveys the scene than inanimate objects," Chiriga says. "When I photograph cityscapes, landscapes, or portraits, I want there to be a third dimension to them."

Want to know about Chiriga and his work? Check out his finalist video below—and don't forget to vote!

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