By Erika Owen
December 06, 2016

Follow along as we introduce the finalists of the 2016 T+L Photo Contest. These nine photographers come from all over the United States—but their photos span the entire world. For Round 2 of the contest, we asked each finalist to subject a few more of their photographs showcasing their talent and a video outlining why they should be named the winner. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photographer before the voting ends on December 13th.

Taylor Boes—a university student with a sharp eye for setting a shot—submitted a photo of the Taj Mahal that gave a fresh outlook to an incredibly photographed location. “We saw a lot of similar photos, but this one stood for how thoughtful it is—taking the time to center it," says Travel + Leisure Photo Editor Alex Arnold.

Travel + Leisure Photo Director Scott Hall also appreciated this attention to detail: “This is good example of where centering your photo is what actually gives it strength," he says. "It’s a good example of how photography can really emphasize architecture. Here, it’s the symmetry of the doorways by placing your camera in the right position to capture that.”

All of the photos you see here were taking on Boes' phone—a testament to what taking the time to angle and arrange lines can do to a shot. You don't need an expensive set of lights or tripods to create an unforgettable scene—just work with what nature gives you. "The other thing that’s great about this from a technical level, is that the sun is coming in from one angle, but she has a full tonal range from highlights to shadows," says Arnold.

A personal interest in architecture drives Boes' photography style. "I often create photographs with clear, internal lines and framing." This is easy to see in the other photos she submitted—manmade lines and natural landscapes intersect to create its own storyline.

Want to know more about Boes' work? Check out her finalist video below—and don't forget to vote!