It's called a "bothie."
Nokia 8 Bothie
Credit: Courtesy of Nokia

No longer do travelers have to choose between a vacation selfie and snapping a picture of the surrounding scenery.

On Wednesday, the Nokia 8 made its world debut, featuring a “bothie” camera, capable of taking front and rear-facing photos at the same time.

The camera can simultaneously take photos and videos of what’s happening and the phone user’s reaction — perfect for travelers who want to snap a selfie but also want to show off their vacation destination.

The simultaneous front and rear shot is not altogether a new concept; there are a few apps that you can install to create a “bothie.” However the Nokia 8’s new offering is the ability to broadcast both sides of the phone live to Facebook or YouTube straight from the camera app. For those who want to keep family and friends updated on their travels in real-time, this could prove a handy feature.

In terms of hardware, the back of the phone features two different ZEISS camera lenses, one for shooting in color and one that only shoots in black-and-white. Both front-facing and rear cameras are 13 megapixel.

For travelers who prefer shooting video or vlogs while on the road, the phone is also capable of not only recording 360-degree video, but audio as well. The feature will allow users to cut out distracting background noise from audio recordings.

The Nokia 8 will go on sale in Europe in September, starting at about $700 (€599).