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Credit: Courtesy of Naked Wanderings / @nakedwanderings

Becoming an “accidental nudist” sounds more like the start of a joke than real life, but it truly is reality for one Belgian couple that stumbled into the lifestyle and never looked back. Oh, and they are happy to share their atypical way of life with their growing Instagram fan base, too.

According to Daily Mail, Nick and Lins, a couple in their mid-30s, became nudists after accidently booking some time in an all-nude sauna.

Since that experience, they’ve traveled the world — totally in the buff — taking pictures of it all for social media.

“The liberation of taking off our clothes was extraordinary, it was pure freedom,” the couple explained on their blog, Naked Wanderings. They say their day job now consists of exploring and finding naked offerings and communities around the globe. This journey, the duo explained, “will take us through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and who knows where else.”

In additional posts the couple said that while they love the naked way of life, they only do so when it’s convenient, such as in a nudist resort, home alone, or somewhere they can be free without judgement.

“You get to learn natural sensations which you’re not used to but which feel very good,” the couple noted of the virtues of going nude. “The feeling of lying naked in the grass, the feeling of a gust of wind passing your body, the sun everywhere on your skin.”

The couple also opened their site up to contributors to share their own stories of nudism around the world. However, as the Daily Mail pointed out, not everyone in the nudist community has such an easy time as Nick and Lins.

Madushan, a 23-year-old from Sri Lanka, explained in a post that nudism is still outlawed in his country.

“For our people, nudism is something inherently sexual and they don’t like to see it any other way. It’s quite a shame because we used to tolerate nudism much more in our history,” he wrote. “Even art, like local films, rarely feature any nudity, and even when they do, they always become topics of strong controversy within the society.”

And while the couple’s nudist project may make you giggle, it appears to appeal to at least some as the pair has amassed nearly 8,000 Instagram followers to date. Maybe it’s time we all got a little closer to nature with them.