These selfies are downright bewit-chin.

Chinventures Instagram

We’re all guilty of posting curated sunsets, stunning landscapes that have been well-filtered, and selfies that have been perfectly planned yet exude a certain candidness (known on the internet as a “plandid”) when we’re traveling.

But Michelle Liu is bringing her own personality to her travel photos on Instagram on her account @chinventures. Her hilarious selfies feature incredible views of landmarks around the world — and Liu making a funny face that accentuates her chin.

She likes to call it “chinning,” and it’s delightful.

Chinventures Instagram

Liu began posting photos in September 2016, when she moved to Vienna to study abroad. Since then, she has chinned in Prague, Amsterdam, Beijing, and in front of landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the Eiffel Tower.

She also loves to add fun Instagrams captions, with punny lines like, “I don't know about you...but Eiffel in love with this city for sure.”

Chinventures Instagram

In a world where people feel like they need to look a certain way -- to the point where photoshopping your own selfies to fit modern beauty standards is the norm -- Liu’s chinning photos are wonderfully unique.

Liu told Mic that she's made silly faces for her friends since middle school: “My chinning entertained my friends all through middle school, high school and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world.”

Chinventures Instagram

“I never know how strangers will respond when I explain my account and ask them to take ‘chinfies’ with me,” she told Mic. She loves it when airline crews jump in with her.

“I want to be chinsta-famous,” she said.