By Erika Owen
January 03, 2017
California Fog Instagram
Credit: Bob Cornelis/Getty Images

For most locals and travelers alike, watching the fog roll over Golden Gate Bridge is an event worth the hours of sleep you might lose trying to make it out for sunrise.

But this landmark isn't the only place in California that looks especially stunning with a blanket of fog draped over its structure.

There are plenty of spots worth checking out in the Golden State, but Marin County was made for photographers. Photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo is a self-proclaimed “fog aficionado,” just check out his Instagram for proof.

Montezemolo has spent what seems like a good amount of time exploring Mt. Tamalpais, a particularly well known peak in Marin County, finding the best angles for capturing the elusive morning-rising mist. The best part about his work? No two fog scenes look alike. With a natural phenomenon that could be compared to the Northern Lights in shape and form, it's easy to get the same shot after shot of vapor sliding over the forest. But with Montezemolo's work, the fog seems to have its own pace and direction—almost making the sedentary forests appear as the visitors in the scene.

If you're looking to take in an especially tranquil morning mist, head to California. Need more motivation? Check out some of our favorite shots from Montezemolo's Instagram account: