These #Vanlife Photos Will Make You Want to Hit the Road and Never Look Back

Van Life
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If you've always dreamed of downsizing, but the closest you've ever gotten is going Marie Kondo on your closet, these #vanlife photos may be the push you need to lose the baggage.

The concept of someone living in their car likely conjures up images of people who have hard times, but more and more people are choosing to live small and simple with little more than the essentials in an effort to prioritize travel and experiences over a traditional roof and possessions. And trust us when we say that the nomadic life has gotten a MAJOR upgrade the last several years; from tiny houses, to RV's, #vanlife has turned into luxury living on the go.

While statistics on just how many people have decided to leave most of their stuff are tough to pin down because, well, so are the people, with more than 5.3 million posts (and growing) under the #vanlife hashtag, it's safe to say the traveler's existence isn't going anywhere.

From freelance photographers to writers, adventure seekers, and really anyone who has the ability to work remotely, the diverse population of wanderers continues to grow.

And it's easy to understand why. The advantages are attractive: No rent (although, some nomads do have a home base they can come back to) or other major utility bills and the ability to scratch the travel itch whenever it strikes. All it takes? A little bravery, ingenuity, and a van — the more tricked out the better.

But don't take our word for it. Just peep these gorgeous #vanlife photos from people who live nowhere but also everywhere. Even if you aren't ready to pull the plug on your day-to-day, these stylish and fully equipped vans and the gorgeous landscapes they take people to will at least inspire your next adventure.

Laura Hughes, a freelance writer and photographer loves her #vanlife so much that she even created a podcast around it called Women On the Road, which explores real stories and "honest experiences of life on the road from the perspective of women who've lived them firsthand."

Your daily cup of bad coffee at your desk feels even more depressing when you see this insane view Karin Stofferahn gets to soak in with her morning brew.

It's more like #JeepLife with a side of Husky topped with red rock mountain ranges for Kristen Frasca, a traveling photographer, graphic designer, and content creator.

Sydney Ferbrache gets real about how her #vanlife isn't always sunrise views and mountain ranges, but rather parking lot bushes and laptops, but if you ask us, this work station set-up looks a lot more cozy than a 9-5 cubicle.

OK...but just so we're clear, it's also still very much about the sunrise views.

By now you know vans are not a prerequisite for living the #vanlife. The vlogger behind "A Girl and Her Commander" chose a 1978 Dodge Commander RV for her wheels, and with a spacious, airy, and serene nap space like this, it's easy to see why that was an excellent decision.

Not going to lie, Grace Kuhn's modern, renovated Airstream is chicer than most apartments. Moving right in.

Brent Rose, a journalist and filmmaker, is powering his cruiser with solar panels and those Pacific Coast rays (or waves) will not disappoint.

TL;DR, life on the road is better with a furry friend tagging along. And if you can swing a parking spot facing the beach, even better.

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