#PilotLife doesn't look half bad.

Instagram Pilot Lindy
Credit: @pilot_lindy via Instagram

Not everyone can travel the world like a jet-setting pilot, but luckily the next best thing is readily available on your Instagram feed.

Pilot Lindy Mariëlle Kats, 24, has racked up more than 80,000 followers on Instagram with breathtaking shots of herself flying Boeing 717s, as well as incredible views of her worldly travels in exotic locations.

Originally from Amsterdam, Kats frequently travels to destinations like New York City, Dubai, Athens, and Italy (where she now lives).

While many of her photos show her off-duty days swimming in crystal clear waters and taking in plenty of sun, she also takes plenty of pictures that show the reality of what it’s like to be an active airline pilot.

Kats has clocked over 1,200 flying hours, including 185 hours in a single engine C172 and PA-28, 25 hours in a multi-engine PA-34, 110 hours as a pilot in command, and 1,000 hours at the helm of a Boeing 717-200, according to the Daily Mail.

“I started Instagram to share my updates with friends and family as I lived far away from them. I never expected my account to grow this big and I still can't believe there are so many people interested in my life. It's amazing if I can inspire people with what I do, but I never post anything to show off,” she told the Daily Mail.

Kats is also starting to post more videos on YouTube, vlogging about her job as a pilot. Her goal is to get more people involved in flying.

“I always loved flying as a passenger, but I thought it would be very difficult and expensive to become a pilot. After doing research and talking with pilots, I learned it was not impossible after all. It requires hard work, much studying, and a lot of dedication, but it's definitely worth it,” she said.