Credit: Ian Trower/Getty Images

If you didn’t Instagram your vacation, did it really happen?

Although we’d like to tell you it’s best to simply put down your mobile device while relaxing on vacation, we know the likelihood of you actually taking that advice is slim to none (especially when you consider #vacation has more than 67 million mentions), so instead, we’ll advise you to up your ‘gram game instead by visiting one resort in the Maldives that offers up its very own Instagram butler.

According to the Independent, the five-star Conrad Hilton Resort on the island of Rangali now provides all of its guests with access to its Insta-butlers, who are social media savvy members of its staff that will show guests exactly where the best spots on the islands are to snap an incredible and envy-inducing picture for social media.

Furthermore, as the Independent noted, the staff will even take visitors on “Instagram Trails,” excursions packed with places to snap images, including the island’s different atolls and top restaurants.

And the entire experience isn’t about someone simply taking a photo for the guest, but rather a larger opportunity for guests to actually learn how to take both better photos and engage on social media.

As The Telegraph noted, the butler will teach guests all about the “golden hour” for taking photos, which is the time just before sunrise and just after sunset, along with different poses that work well on social media.

While certainly innovative, The Telegraph notes that the Hilton resort is by no means alone in its niche butler program. Dukes London offers its own “beditation butler” to help guests on their meditative journeys, while London’s Rubens at the Palace Hotel offers up a Pet Concierge.