Photo Editing
Credit: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

Cropping and leveling

Both Android and iOS have solid built-in tools for these tasks. To zoom in on part of your photo, tap “Edit,” then the “Crop” icon, which looks like two interlocking L shapes. Drag the corners of the overlaid box to adjust your frame. To correct tilt, use the protractor interface below the image.

Eliminating red eye

Pixlr is one of the best mobile apps for softening that demonic glow. Tap the circular “Tools” icon below the image, select “Red Eye,” then tap both pupils to make them a realistic color. On a desktop, try Adobe Photoshop Elements, which even includes a “Pet Eye” box within its “Red Eye” tool.

Removing dust

On your phone, Snapseed’s “Healing” tool, Aviary’s “Blemish” tool, and TouchRetouch all get rid of specks caused by pollen or pocket lint. Photoshop’s “Spot Healing” tool has you covered on a desktop. Just touch each unwanted mote to replace it with the surrounding color and texture.

Enhancing exposure

Fix blown-out shots (a common problem at the beach or on the slopes) with Photoshop’s Lightroom app. It allows you to apply an “Auto Tone” effect to balance images, reduce the exposure compensation, or apply a tone curve—adjustments that also help out with underexposed shots.

Fixing nighttime shots

Android and iOS apps like Manual, Camera+, and Night Camera can all help with after-dark shooting. Adobe Lightroom offers white-balance control, vibrance and saturation sliders, and highlight and shadow tools. The VSCO app includes filters to bring out details obscured by the dark.