Drone Photo of Beach
Credit: Luka Lajst

This year, we've seen a lot of trends—rainbow lattes, dangerous selfies, the Mannequin Challenge—but drone photography is one of our favorites, and it's here to stay.

Drones give us access to a view of the world previously only available to those able to hop in a plane or helicopter.

Instagrammers around the world have been delivering when it comes to drones-eye views of some of the most stunning destinations. If you're looking for some amazing drone photographers to follow, you're in luck.


Xander DePascale—a Seattle-based drone photographer—plays with natural and manmade geometry to create stunning scenes that would fit right in with the art on your wall.


From black sand beaches to forests full of firs, these are moody scenes given new life with some crafty use of the rule of thirds.


This San Francisco-based drone photographer takes gorgeous photos of both beach and city scenes—you'll even spot a golf course or two.


If you didn't want to go to the beach already, you will after perusing this Instagram account.


This has something for every kind of traveler: beach scenes, lush forests, mountain peaks, cornfields, labyrinths, train lines.


This Lonely Planet photographer takes ice and manages to make it look cozy. If you're into Northern Lights, seasonal leaf palettes, and glaciers, you're going to like this.


While the Instagram handle may suggest a faraway feel, @from.miles.away gives the vibe like you're right there in the scene. Follow if you like the special vantage point where sand meets water.


@saltywings documents scenes from West Australia—one of the most beautiful places in the world. Follow along to see lots of beaches and stunning rock formations.


Based in Sydney, Australia, @gabscanu manages to capture stunning wave breaks—something that's seldom appreciated from the ground.


Ocean scenes are @iherok's specialty, but we love the occasional underwater shot that pops up on his account once in a while. While all of the photos are certainly different in subject, location, and angle, this grammer has a solid style.


You never know what's going to pop up on @plotography's account. Most of his shots turn natural landscapes into mazes of sorts, with winding roads, labyrinth gardens, and parking lots.


Vancouver-based account @joelschat features a ton of videos that help the rest of the world explore Canada (and the rest of the world) without leaving their seats. The music choice for each video is also worth storing on a personal playlist.