You can see the world just by picking up your phone.

Ever wanted to see first-hand what it’s like to be a pilot, roaming the friendly skies day-in and day-out?

Some people are born to fly, but many of us are probably better suited keeping our feet on the ground. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t live vicariously through the people who take the rest of us to destinations around the world.

When these pilots aren't flying, they’re documenting some of the incredible sights they see on a daily basis on social media. Fill your Instagram and Twitter feeds with a little excitement and plenty of breathtaking sky views.

Fair warning: They will probably inspire you to reach for your passport.

Lady Speed Bird

Lady Speed Bird, first name Joanna, is a former cabin crew member turned pilot of an A380. She shares incredible photos and video of aircraft on Twitter as well and fun updates on her life.

Flying Foxoir

Paul Fox is a Captain for British airline, Monarch, and a photgrapher, which definitely shows in his stunning Instagram posts.

Ash Raval

Ash Raval also works for Monarch Airlines and loves to document his travels.

The 787 Dream Life

Suneil is a Senior First Officer on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. He blogs and photographs everywhere he goes, capturing unique angles of places all around the world.

Dutch Pilot Girl

Michelle Gooris is a 25-year-old pilot for Ryanair. She may fly for a budget airline, but her photos look high class all the way.

James Parry

Parry is a pilot at British Airways and considers himself a “professional tea drinker.” His Instagram and Twitter accounts are beauty with a side of humor.

Captain Dave

Captain Dave Wallsworth for British Airways flies an A380. His Twitter documents the daily life of an airline pilot.

Santiago Borja

Borja is a pilot and a photographer, and the images he captures of clouds and storms — and lightning — are incredible.