For those who already Instagram like it's their job.

By Erika Owen
October 13, 2016
Beautiful Destinations -- World's Coolest Job
Credit: Getty Images/Perspectives

If getting paid to travel around the world and take photos for Instagram is your idea of a dream job, listen up. Beautiful Destinations—a social media-focused creative agency based in New York City—is looking for someone to join the #BDTeam, an in-house talent network.

The first few lines of the job listing speak for themselves: "Wake up at 3:30 a.m. with the gazelles to catch a golden desert sunrise in Dubai before jet-setting to Greece to sail along towering Santorini cliffs. This is just a typical day for @jacob, @sam_kolder, and @jamesrelfdyer, the Beautiful Destinations in-house talent who round out our content creation team. And for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to be a part of this journey with #BDTeam." Sold.

The organization hasn't released any info about salary, but interested parties can apply through the Beautiful Destinations website through October 31.