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For those who already Instagram like it's their job.

Erika Owen
October 13, 2016

If getting paid to travel around the world and take photos for Instagram is your idea of a dream job, listen up. Beautiful Destinations—a social media-focused creative agency based in New York City—is looking for someone to join the #BDTeam, an in-house talent network.

The first few lines of the job listing speak for themselves: "Wake up at 3:30 a.m. with the gazelles to catch a golden desert sunrise in Dubai before jet-setting to Greece to sail along towering Santorini cliffs. This is just a typical day for @jacob, @sam_kolder, and @jamesrelfdyer, the Beautiful Destinations in-house talent who round out our content creation team. And for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to be a part of this journey with #BDTeam." Sold.

The organization hasn't released any info about salary, but interested parties can apply through the Beautiful Destinations website through October 31.

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