They're soft and comfy, so kids love them almost as much as adults love their peace and quiet while traveling.

By Alison Fox
July 17, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As our plane rose to 10,000 feet on our way back from Portland to New York City, my nephew was quiet. This is no small feat for a 2-year-old.

He was engrossed in an episode of Sesame Street that was playing on the iPad, perfectly content to watch and unconcerned that the plane was bumping on through the clouds. And with his fox-themed Charlxee Kids Bluetooth Headphones headband, he looked adorable while watching too.

At $10-17, the fuzzy headband is the perfect way to entertain a child while traveling (at 30,000 feet or right here on the ground), and can be worn even as they fall asleep. The headband wraps around kids’ heads, attaches with velcro, and includes two Bluetooth speakers.

Volume is capped at 85 decibels, which is the recommended max-volume for kids, and has about four hours of playtime, according to the seller.

Plus, there’s a cuteness factor: the headphones come in several animal-themed versions, including a blue shark, pink bunny, and unicorn. (The fox is a particular favorite animal in our family).

Amazon buyers praised the headphones for being sturdy and staying on small heads.

“When we took our son on his first flight at 1 year old, we were concerned about how to keep him entertained. He likes watching movies on our iPad for long trips but we didn't want to disturb other people on the plane,” wrote Mike S. “Normally, my son hates having things on his head. He immediately pulls hats off. With this headband, he keeps it on and quietly watches his movies. It doesn't seem to bother him at all about being on his head.”

Amazon buyer Katrad bought this for a 1-year-old for a 16-hour long-haul flight.

“We love this for our son. First thing my husband said when he saw them was 'did you get me one too?'” they wrote.

And fellow buyer Cheri K wrote that normal headphones won’t stay on her granddaughter’s head.

“These are perfect!” she wrote. “She loves them and she has no problem keeping them on.”

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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